From the TOEIC-type occupational Korean language proficiency test OK-TEST, to a global Korean language education platform MetaKorea

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Han Edutech is making waves with its HSK iBT, a standardized Chinese language proficiency test that has moved to the internet, and the OK-TEST vocational Korean language proficiency test. The company has been engaged in Korea-China employment education business, including the operation of qualification exams and the publication of related textbooks. It operates various education businesses in Asian countries such as China and Vietnam, where many domestic companies are present. The company's flagship Korean language training and testing application, MetaKorea, aims to spread accurate and correct Korean to foreigners by utilizing K-content. The app provides practice tests for Korean language exams, Korean language learning through short-form video content, and metaverse-based community and news.


Startup potential of Han Edutech

The Korean language learning and platform construction that transcends time and space comes from the capabilities of Han Edutech. The company was founded in 2017 by CEO Ilhwan Han. Since founding Hanbitnet in 1994, he has developed an eLearning solution platform, and since 1996, he has provided his brand, Eduseum, to more than 200 customers, including LG, SKT, KERIS, Design Promotion Agency, SAP KOREA, and public institutions. He has been running an eLearning website since 1999, and has monetized the first Korean language instructor training course and elementary and secondary teacher training course in Korea. It is no coincidence that it was the first e-learning company in Korea to be listed on the KOSDAQ in the fall of 2001. “Seven years after its founding in 2001, the company was successfully listed on the KOSDAQ, and its stock value grew by leaps and bounds to 5-10 times its initial value.” said Han. It is also noteworthy that in 2002, he founded the China Business Academy in Xi’an, which by 2016 employed 1,200 students through the KMOVE school (a state-funded trainee program) at Korean-invested companies across China. (To this day, about 500 of them are still working in China as drivers for large and small Korean companies.) After founding Han Edutech, he focused on developing related apps and platforms for standardized Korean education and testing, which came to fruition this year.


▲ Han Edutech / CEO Ilhwan Han

OK-TEST and MetaKorea receive attention and collaboration

The company is taking the process one step at a time, with plans to export the OK-TEST vocational Korean language proficiency test and the MetaKorea Korean language education platform. OK-TEST, a TOEIC-type business Korean test designed for Korean-invested companies to improve their work and business communication with Koreans, is organized by Han Edutech and the company signed an exclusive operating rights agreement with Hefe, a Chinese export incubating trade company, in the second half of the year. Hefe said “With the exclusive right to operate OK-TEST acquired from Han Edutech, we are focused on encouraging Chinese people who want to do business with Korea, while partnering with companies to create more business opportunities and models with China. Through OK-TEST, we hope to contribute as a strong bridge between Korea and China.” Han Edutech said “Our national certification was approved by the Ministry of Labor of China in 2010, and we have been conducting exams for over 300 universities with Korean language departments and Korean-invested companies (Samsung, POSCO, SK Hynix Semiconductor, Woori Bank) across China. We are currently in the process of approving the national certification in Vietnam, which is expected to be implemented in the second half of 2024.  A large Korean companies in Vietnam are considering the test for all employees.” Han Edutech has signed an MOU with VXT COLLEGE of VXT Group (Chairman NGUYEN VAN XUAN) to establish and operate a Korean language training center in Vietnam. VXT Group has been engaged in trade, construction, domestic and foreign investment, education, human resources, and sustainable community development, and continues to consolidate its position as a leading enterprise in Vietnam recognized by consumers and partners.

Han Edutech said “VXT Group has about 4,000 Korean language students in two universities, VXT COLLEGE and TTC. The main purpose of this MOU is to mutually cooperate on the operation of Korean language education centers and employment training centers in the future. We have been operating a TikTok account for Vietnamese users since March of this year, with 1.6 million Korean learning videos utilizing K-content, 1.4 million unique views, and 2.95 million likes. In the first half of this year, we signed the same agreement with the Vietnamese state-owned company NEWTATCO and the FTC. We will continue to introduce the Hallyu content platform in Korea with Korean online testing and e-learning. We are expanding our services in Vietnam and developing additional features with funds raised through several rounds of crowdfunding. After reaching the target revenue this year, we will proceed with the Series A and B rounds of investment next year.” The company also signed a business agreement with Global Cyber University this month to provide university education to foreign students. Gong Byung-Young, President of Global Cyber University said “We are a leading university in the Korean Wave, having produced BTS, a group that has gone on to dominate music charts around the world. We hope to contribute to the creation of another BTS by generously passing on our educational know-how to Han Edutech students.”


MetaKorea sees a surge in new members

As a global service platform, MetaKorea is on the verge of reaching its goal of 10,000 members. Han Edutech said “We put a lot of emphasis on community and education utilizing the Metaverse platform in the MetaKorea APP. We are currently rolling out a Metaverse classroom for users studying Korean abroad, and we are also continuing to collaborate with Korean universities as partners.” CEO Han said “We will establish a new position for Korean language beginners and users among mobile users around the world to learn FUN basic Korean as well as Korean at work through K-Pop, K-drama, K-movie, webtoon, K-Job, and K-Biz. We started with online Korean tests and e-learning. We started our company with the goal of building a mobile service platform that makes it easy to learn Korean and take certified tests anywhere, and that goal is still valid today. We will transcend time and space to provide Korean language learning that are independent of the educational environment around the world. We are grateful for the support MetaKorea has received at a time when the demand for Korean language and culture is skyrocketing. We will continue to work hard to satisfy our global users.”

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