Orgo Lift is an innovation in logitstics robots

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Once thought to be the stuff of the future, automated guid vehicles (AGVs) and AMRs are now making their way into major industrial sites. This is a result of the changing lifestyles of modern people in the age of contactlessness, which has resulted in increased logistics volumes, as well as labor savings due to rising wages. As automated robots are being introduced, the importance of lifts and other accessories for logistics robots is also increasing. As the size and weight of the load a robot can carry at once increases, so does its efficiency, and the industry is increasingly looking for durable and affordable lifts that can move heavy and large objects.


Innovations for efficient operation of logistics robots

Powerful propulsion and greater weight carrying capacity with BLDC motors

Orgo is a rational logistics robot parts R&D company. The company has product development experience and know-how and various patented technologies for efficient operation of logistics robots. Orgo Lift is a core component developed for efficient operation of logistics robots such as AGVs and AMRs, consisting of a lift and a lift controller. It is available in two weight variants, 200kg and 300kg, DC motor type and BLDC motor type, and a 500kg lift is currently in development testing. BLDC motors increase durability by removing the brush part inside the motor that is prone to wear, so there is no significant strain even when rotating at high speeds, and even when used for a long time compared to regular motors, noise does not increase or performance deteriorates, precise speed control is possible, and energy efficiency is reduced. It is highly efficient and economical. In order for a logistics robot, which is smaller than a forklift, to be able to carry as many heavy items as possible, the size of the parts must be kept as small as possible while the load must be raised as much as possible. The BLDC motor Orgo lift, made to meet such conditions, can produce up to 300kg of propulsion, compared to 200kg of propulsion for a general DC motor lift. Although it has high propulsion power, there is no difference in weight compared to the standard model. Orgo introduced the BLDC lift at ‘2023 Robo World’, Korea’s largest robot exhibition held at KINTEX Exhibition Hall 1 in Goyang-si in October 2023, and received many favorable reviews.


Synchronous control of a total of 8 lifts with high-speed CAN connection

Checking logistics robot status with GUI program

The Orgo lift can synchronously control a total of 8 lifts by connecting up to 4 lift controllers. At this time, one controller operates as a master and the rest operate as slaves. It uses a high-speed CAN (Controller Area Network) method, and CAN is a communication protocol used to exchange data in real time. Because it is designed for high-speed communication, it has excellent reliability and durability, and is resistant to physical noise and interference, so it is optimized to execute input commands stably and consistently. As it supports high-speed communication, data can be exchanged in real time, making it essential for real-time control and monitoring. In addition, it has a multi-master communication structure that allows multiple nodes to communicate simultaneously, and its low power consumption is also an advantage. The Orgo lift uses a graphical user interface (GUI) program to set the operating conditions of the lift, checks status information, and operates it manually. It assists in the operation of logistics robots by receiving various information such as alarm information, including operation status information such as current status and location information of each lift. Orgo lift received favorable reviews at various exhibitions such as the Korea Mat 2022, 2022 Robot World, 2023 Automation World, Smart Factory, and 2023 BU TECH. The company expressed its ambition, saying, “We will do our best to satisfy the needs of various customers, develop reasonable systems, and supply products with the best performance and quality.”

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