Eco Farm City’s unrivaled KDS innovation farming is recognized home and abroad

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▲ Eco Farm City / CEO Duksang Ko

Eco Farm City received a Small and Medium Business Corporation prize at the 2023 Innovation Winner in the technology innovation category. The self-developed AI KDS farming method is an agricultural technology that optimizes the growth environment of ginseng by precisely controlling environmental factors such as temperature, humidity, and fine dust concentration. It utilizes sensors and IoT technology to automate monitoring and data collection of the growth environment. Through this, the efficiency of ginseng production can be increased and better quality ginseng can be produced, receiving as a new agricultural revolution. Last year at the same awards, Eco Farm City received Ministry of SMEs and Startups prize and the award this year was second time in a row. 

※AI KDS is achieved through rapid mass cultivation 365 days a year, so it can increase farm household income, create jobs, and advance into overseas markets. We will build a variety of infrastructure that can increase the value and competitiveness of Korean ginseng in the global market§ says CEO Duksang Ko.


Overseas business expansion

On October 23, Eco Farm City signed an exchange and investment agreement at the AI KDS Smart Farm Factory in Gimpo under the supervision of the President of Global University of the Philippines. This agreement ceremony, attended by President Chung Chang-deok of the National Association of Universities and Secretary-General Jeong Seong-gil of the Korea-U.S. Freedom and Security Strategy Center, mainly covers business expansion into the Philippines, invention patents, establishment of KDS AI Smart Farm Department, and export of red ginseng. Ko said that this agreement will have a positive synergy in exchanges and expansion of business overseas. 

“We expect that this agreement with the Philippines, following the United States and Vietnam, will serve as a catalyst to promote Korea’s eco-friendly agricultural technology, AI KDS farming, to various overseas countries and promote synergy projects” says Ko.


Carrying out various projects with SA Multilateral Cooperative

Eco Farm City and SA Multilateral Cooperative have sold the first ginseng tofu extract manufacturing plant to 10 stores in Building B of Gimpo The Luxe Nine, and are currently operating the factory facilities. Eco Farm City sold and purchased the second ginseng tofu manufacturing plant to 6 stores owned the cooperative in Osan University Station, and is currently operating a ginseng plant cultivation plant by leasing 5 additional stores. In addition, Eco Farm City is increasing production efficiency, value, and competitiveness by leasing 15 self-owned factories and carrying out the third ginseng cultivation plant. The AI KDS farming method has acquired numerous patents and is currently expanding cultivation not only in Gimpo but nationwide. Eco Farm City uses ginseng extract as a health functional food and cosmetic raw material and exports it to the world. Japan, China, and the United States have built ginseng hydroponic cultivation facilities and requested technical cooperation, so the potential for global commercialization is endless. The company signed an MOU with WCU University, a global university in the United States, entered into Vietnam for invention patents, established the KDS AI Smart Farm Department, signed a red ginseng export agreement, and even signed an investment business agreement with the Philippines. The company is currently carrying out a convergence eco-farm city development project in Gwangju with a scale of 396,694 square meters, including a ginseng smart farm, eco-friendly agricultural product exhibition hall, convention trade center, country house complex, and natural healing center.

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