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The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport’s automobile manufacturing company Auto Global (CEO Myung-Hoon Jeong) and developer Innocean announced news of a series of patent applications. An official of Innocean said “We completed the patent application for the control valve switch device (patent application no. 2023-0089737) and reducer (patent application no. 2023-0114202). EV safety care ‘mobile charging station’ service using LTO batteries in the first half of this year Since launching, the processes


A new future seen by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport’s automobile manufacturing company

we have carefully prepared together are showing results one by one.”

This year, Auto Global, together with Innocean, the company’s development solution provider, announced that it will focus on solving environmental pollution and promoting ESG with its unique LTO battery packing technology. One of these is the continued strengthening of R&D capabilities, including mobile charging services. An official of Auto Global said “The pouch-type LTO battery that we supply through various services was designed in collaboration with Greenergy, a new material company for secondary batteries, and is recognized as a new innovation that overcomes the problems of existing lithium batteries. The response from consumers is also high. Auto Global and Innocean are doing everything themselves, from packaging to vehicle production, based on the secondary battery. We will continue to strengthen our expertise with more patent applications and projects.” An official of Innocean said “We plan to apply LTO batteries to diesel forklifts, 1-ton cargo vehicles, airport ground handling vehicles, and ESS devices, and complete the production of prototype vehicles and various tests and certifications in the second half of the year, and enter the B2G and B2B markets. The mobile power generation vehicle is a vehicle that can replace diesel generators used outdoors and can be applied to construction sites, electric excavators, and electric tractors by using LTO batteries inside and loading ESS devices. Patent applications related to this will be filed in due course.” The pouch-type LTO battery, which is being supplied through the feature lineup of its brand JS Limousine and the EV safety care service launched this year, was planned in collaboration with secondary battery new material company Greenergy and is evaluated to have overcome the problems of existing lithium batteries. An official of Auto Global said “Batteries based on lithium titanate compensate for the poor performance of conventional lithium polymer batteries and lead-acid/NI-Cd batteries. It is a format that uses LTO as the cathode instead of graphite, which was previously used as the negative electrode, to further improve stability and longevity. LTO batteries are stable and do not explode at high temperatures up to 400 degrees Celsius, and can be charged at extremely low temperatures below minus 35 degrees Celsius without difficulty.

By improving the low temperature performance and fast charging issues that lithium batteries have been unable to overcome, LTO batteries will enable the electrification of ships, heavy machinery, and buses.” Auto Global is working on five patents related to LTO cells, including packing, vehicle structure, and design, and will further focus on popularizing LTO batteries with the launch of the EV SafeCare mobile charging station service. Auto Global CEO Jeong said “We are doing everything from the basic packing based on a secondary battery to the production of the vehicle without outsourcing. In the first half of this year, a three-company consortium, including our company, was selected as a preliminary business operator for the forklift electrification project, which includes structural and electrical design and electrification modification, so we will have to focus on research for the future industry. We are promoting the establishment of an R&D business research center in Dongtan, Gyeonggi-do, and the establishment of a secondary battery factory with an area of about 5,000 square meters for operation in 2025.”

Using LTO battery packing technology as a stepping stone, Auto Global will also focus on solving environmental pollution and promoting ESG.

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