Sejong SLP Language School is a living example of holistic education through English

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Education is never far from parents’ minds in Korea. But English is one of the things they are most interested in. The importance of English has been emphasized to the point where it is now essential for everyday work, and many parents are starting to teach their children English from a very young age. However, due to rote learning, there are many children who know a lot of words yet have difficulty in speaking, eventually losing interest. As such, parents now want their children to be able to speak fluently, not just memorize a bunch of vocabulary. Nestled in Sejong City, the nation’s administrative capital, is Sejong SLP Language School which is responding well to these wants and needs of the parents.


Well organized collaboration between Korean and native teachers

Level by level programs

Sogang SLP, the parent company of Sejong SLP Language School, is an academy corporation that implements the English education philosophy of Sogang University, which has been in existence since 1960. For over 25 years, Sejong SLP has been providing education for ‘children who think, act, and dream in English’ rather than ‘children who only do well on tests.’ Director Soohee Im is an educator who has taught English to children for many years, and she continues to develop Sogang SLP’s curriculum. Sejong SLP has been recognized for its teacher management built with more than 15 years of experience and know-how, as well as its trust through quarterly parent meetings. And it boasts the largest number of teachers in the region. 

“Every class has an equal number of Korean and native teachers. The native speakers are trained in teaching methods so that children who are new to English can enjoy the ESL environment without fear, and the Koreans do their best to help children develop emotional stability and habits. We are proud to provide an English environment that is favorable for children to form good learning habits.” says Im.

Sejong SLP teaches kindergarten and elementary school children, and provides a customized educational environment through immersive and intensive courses.


Reading, speaking and presentation skills

Im points out “The more media we have, the more kids and adults tend to shy away from reading. When you start reading naturally at a young age, it becomes a habit, and it develops your imagination and ability to think creatively. That’s why we have a wide variety of books available at our Open Library.” 

Here, children are free to get acquainted with books and read in a relaxed environment. In conjunction with the Open Library, the school also runs the Renaissance Learning & SORI reading management program alongside Reading Log. Children can develop stage presence and communication skills through monthly age- and level-specific speech contests. In fact, a second-grader from the school won the Ban Ki Moon prize at a national English speech contest.

“Elementary school students not only give speeches, but also create their own PowerPoints and presentations. Students who are confident that their English is excellent should be able to present and debate.” says Im.

Through PPT lessons and presentations, Sejong SLP provides students with concrete evidence of their English language skills, while also fostering their enjoyment and confidence in English.


▲ Sejong SLP Language School / Director Soohee Im

Holistic education

Growing global talents

Im has been teaching English for more than 20 years at the headquarters of various educational institutions. She chose Sejong SLP because of its holistic education, even though she has produced many successful students in entrance exams, proving her excellent talent in the field.

“A holistic education should be prioritized over English, so that children can spend their time in school years happy, confident and capable. When it comes to holistic education, the earlier they start the better results they get. It is the reason we start with children as a good habit formed during this time lasts.” points out Im.

When Sejong SLP expanded and moved to a new location in 2019, it installed an Art Wall/Gallery consisting of classical masterpieces, story illustrations by famous children’s authors, and creative artwork to help children develop their artistic sensitivity and creativity. The school participates in the Share & Grow Campaign biannually, and gives out free school supplies alongside monetary fund to children in need home and abroad twice a year. The school’s free book-give out campaign for multicultural family especially has been appointed as the best campus in the sector for 5 consecutive years. Sejong SLP also ranked number one in the KCIA Academy in the Sejong region carried out by the Korea Customer Industry Appraisal. 

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