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According to data from the Department of Justice, sex crimes, which dropped from 25% in 2019 to 22.89% in 2020, began to rise again in 2021, reaching 26.9% in 2022. While domestic violent crime is rising overall, there are places where it is falling. Gyeongsangnam-do has introduced CPTED (Prevention Through Environmental Design), which aims to prevent violent crime and improve the residential environment. The province is installing them in the areas, especially in narrow alleys where old houses are concentrated, entertainment facilities, and traditional markets and they have a preventive effect. CPTED is about preventing crime by creating a bright, clean physical environment, such as installing streetlights to increase visibility and painting streets with bright colors. A small Korean company is attracting a lot of attention for developing a product that not only prevents crime but also improves traffic safety and city aesthetics with its ingenious idea using CPTED techniques.


New concept smart reflectors improve citizen safety and city aesthetics

Integrated smart security device with CPTED design prevents crimes

Shift Mirror is a company that creates new innovations. Their flagship product, the Smart Reflector, is a beautifully designed product that not only improves the safety of citizens, but also the aesthetics of cities, and has recently been adopted by many municipalities. Smart Reflector, which adds IoT and optical technology, is an integrated smart security device designed as a CPTED for new communication means and crime prevention purposes, breaking away from the hard and clunky traditional functions of existing reflectors. Ordinary reflectors are not visible at night without streetlights, so they are not helpful for crime prevention and traffic safety, but smart reflectors are equipped with LED lights to illuminate the dark night, and optical materials are applied to the reflectors to display various texts, phrases, and even videos. It also includes the street name of your current location, so if you’ve been victimized by a crime or have an emergency, you’ll know exactly where you are and can call for help. Industry insiders consider Shift Mirror’s smart reflector to be a leading CPTED product with a wide range of features.


Runing 24/7 on solar power and no external power required

Installed and operated in various places in Seoul

The Smart Reflector generates its own electricity through solar power. It doesn’t require any external power supply, so there are no location restrictions. This makes it possible to install it in any area without power. With a low power consumption of 15-20Wh, it can last 3-4 days even during the rainy season when solar power is scarce. Currently, the solar panel is attached to the back, but in the future, the solar panel will be integrated with a reflector to improve aesthetics. The first Smart Reflector was installed in Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul, where the design was maximized by shaping the Heungin Gate, Dongdaemun-gu’s biggest pride. It has been installed in university towns and downtown areas and has received an overwhelming response from local residents. Recently, as part of the Safe Routes Project, it has been installed in alleys where crime is a concern, providing a sense of security to women and the elderly, and has been praised for its effectiveness. The Smart Reflector is highly customizable. In addition to the brightness of the LED light, you can also customize the LED to be off at all times and only turn on when a person or vehicle passes by, or to flash momentarily. The shape also can be anything from round to square.


▲ Shift Mirror / CEO Jaejin Lee

It will be a unit in the next generation of C-ITS (Cooperative Intelligent Transportation Systems)

Establishment of a traffic data collection and control system linked to 112/119 by incorporating ICT technology

The Smart Reflector is currently installed and operated in Dongdaemun-gu, Seongdong-gu, and Seodaemun-gu, Seoul, and the product is being updated. The company plans to install several functions suitable for C-ITS, but first plans to collect data on vehicle and pedestrian traffic. It will also be equipped with an AI-based object recognition to send analytical data on traffic to the responsible agency and add a function to monitor whether it is broken. In addition, in the event of a crime or emergency, the smart reflector will sound a warning notification by itself, and a system will be built that is linked to the 112 and 119 intelligent control systems in real time. It also plans to develop functions such as ﹦tracking and surveillance in connection with CCTV and establishing a smart control system for intelligent crime prevention. Shift Mirror CEO Jaejin Lee said “The unfortunate accident in Itaewon was also caused by excessive traffic. The accident could have been prevented by analyzing traffic in real time. We need a traffic analysis system and a 112 and 119 interworking system.” The company has provided several local governments with the coordinates of streetlights, security lights, and CCTV installations in the area and analyzed the best locations for smart reflectors, and has signed business agreements with the Gangwon-do Fire Department and Siheung-si, Gyeonggi-do. 


Expanding business globally

Shift Mirror won the grand prize in the Social Venture Contest, recognizing the excellence and innovation of its smart reflector product, and was selected as a potential social enterprise. CEO Lee plans to actively explore overseas markets and is eyeing Japan, where many reflectors are installed. Lee said “Our goal is to prevent crime through CPTED design and build a safety net for people. We want to create an era centered on a networked environment where local governments and residents can work together to proactively block crime risk factors.”

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