‘Watashine’, a safe and warm portable heater

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As September came, the weather became chilly. People who are sensitive to cold or campers are already looking for heaters. In particular, with the Chuseok holiday scheduled for this month, the number of people planning to travel or go camping is increasing, leading to increased demand for heaters. However, fire accidents and carbon monoxide poisoning accidents caused by heaters are also occurring. Meanwhile, there is a company that has developed a heater that is not only safe but also has no worries about electricity bills. It is Misung that introduced ‘Watashine’, a portable heater that allows you to enjoy camping warmly and safely with low power consumption.


The low power portable heater without worrying about electromagnetic waves or noise

Watashine is chargeable

Misung is a company that engages in electrical, firefighting, and unmanned surveillance system construction, and has recently developed thermal products. ‘Watasine’ complements the shortcomings of existing heavy camping electric mats, hot water mats, and non-moving heaters. Watashine uses a cylindrical material with good thermal conductivity, and the heat energy generated from the halogen lamp inside is transmitted to the outside of the cylinder. It can be used for a long time with low power consumption, gets warm in 5 minutes after turning on, and reaches the maximum temperature in 10 minutes. Another good thing is that there is no need for a separate additional charging device. It can be used for 8 hours using a household power source, a car cigarette lighter, or a low power battery pack of 10Ah.

A company official says “In this time of high inflation, you can maximize your heating effect for a month with an electricity bill equivalent to the price of one briquette.” Watashine’s electricity consumption is about 19W, which is 10% of a household electric mat and 25% of a single-person camping mat. Watashine can replace the electric mat or heated mat used at home, and can also be used as a heating pack to relieve various pains such as muscle, joint pain, and menstrual pain. Watashine generates heat at a constant voltage and flow, so it does not generate electromagnetic waves. It has received certification that electromagnetic waves are not detected when connected to a cigarette lighter jack and adapter, and has received KC electrical safety certification and electromagnetic wave certification. It also has no noise during the heating process.


No worries about fire and carbon monoxide poisoning

Thorough after sales service

Watashine is equipped with double and triple safety devices such as a temperature sensor, a low-power cutoff device in case of overheating, a use time setting timer, and a high temperature alarm. At the same time, it has the function of maintaining an appropriate temperature to prevent safety accidents. Since there is no risk of fire, there is no need to worry about carbon monoxide poisoning when camping. In your car, you can spend the day safely and warmly by simply using Watashine without having to turn on the heater or use a gas-based heating mat. Whether at home, camping, or hiking, Watashine consumes less electricity and provides a safe and warm heating. A company official says “We will strive to provide thorough after sales service and do our best.”

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