Revitalize damaged hair in 20 minutes at home

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If the condition of the scalp is poor, problems can occur in the hair roots and hair follicles, and in severe cases, blood circulation abnormalities can lead to hair loss. If you want to take care of your hair, you need to check not only the condition of the hair but also the condition of the scalp and provide appropriate care.


▲ Spes / CEO Dahin Ahn

Contains a large amount of natural ingredients such as snowflake mushrooms

Care from hair roots to hair follicles

Spes is a cosmetics company that offers a variety of hair care products, including HowHairPack, a homecare product that allows you to easily care for your scalp and hair at home. HowHairPack contains a high concentration of nutrient-rich, naturally derived ingredients in an exclusive hair cap with a patented double-sealing reinforcement to intensively repair damaged hair, keratin and scalp in a short time. After washing your hair, while it’s still a little damp, put on a hair cap and massage it in, and the rich nutrients in the cap will be delivered through your hair and scalp. This nutritional ingredient is derived from natural white wood mushroom. White wood ear mushrooms, also called snowflake mushrooms, are said to have been favored by Yang Guifei and Empress Dowager Cixi in the past. They contain linoleic acid, an unsaturated fatty acid, and beta-glucan, a plant-based comprehensive nutrient. It supplies abundant nutrients to the scalp and hair roots, helping to maintain healthy hair. Jojoba seed oil, which contains a large amount of vitamin A and protects the scalp from harmful oxygen, and camellia oil, which has excellent moisturizing properties and helps protect the scalp, as well as snow lotus and meadowfoam seed oil, protect hair from deep within the scalp and hair follicles. 


No harmful chemical ingredients, recognized for hair damage recovery in clinical trials

$10 million export contract for various product lines

HowHairPack does not contain five harmful chemical ingredients, including artificial colors (coloring agent), parabens (preservatives), and benzophenone (anti-discoloration agent), and has been recognized in clinical trials for repairing damage to the scalp and hair. Other product lines of Spes include Sister’s mask pack that helps you achieve moisturizing whitening and elasticity all at once, Mango shampoo made from mango with rich in vitamin C and polyphenol that protects the scalp, and HowHairSerum that can care for tired hair every day in just 3 minutes. Spes was selected for the 2018 Hi Seoul Excellent Product Brand Award and even won the Minister of SMEs and Startups Award by successfully signing a $10 million export contract to the U.S. and Russia.

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