Introducing a hygienic and easy cotton candy vending machine

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Cotton candy that has a sweet taste and melts in the mouth is a popular snack for children. It is said to have been first created in Italy in the 1400s and was first introduced at the 1904 St. Louis Expo thus has become popular in festivals and amusement parks. Recently, the various shapes of the candy catch the attention of children. Riding this atmosphere, SSTM is in the center of the buzz for introducing a hygienic and easy cotton candy vending machine.


SSTM’s CT606 removes the problems of the Chinese competitors

CT606 is a high-performance cotton candy vending machine that manufactures, sells, and even cleans the interior on its own through artificial intelligence and remote control. Cotton candy vending machines were developed first in China and the cheap price has dominated the amusement parks and shopping malls. “The problem is that the head parts used to make cotton candy are designed to only use Chinese sugar. We studied for a long time to solve this problem and succeeded in developing our own.” said SSTM. CT606 uses domestic sugar, can automatically make cotton candy in various shapes, and is hygienic. 


Use of safe CheilJedang raw sugar

Healthy xylitol and natural pigments added

SSTM CEO Juhwan KIM said “I wanted to make delicious and healthy cotton candy for children. “I found a way to manufacture it with sugar from CheilJedang’s raw sugar, and succeeded in developing head parts suitable for it.” Industry insiders say, “The use of domestically produced sugar could be a groundbreaking event in the cotton candy vending machine market.” The machine uses natural coloring to coat the sugar particles, so it is not bad for your health, and it also contains xylitol. Xylitol has a similar level of sweetness to the same amount of sugar, but only about 6% of the calories. Xylitol helps prevent tooth decay and protects teeth, it also helps restore damaged tooth surfaces, and it is used as a sugar substitute for diabetics because it does not require insulin to be consumed. The cotton candy lollipops are also made from eco-friendly paper made in Korea, so you do not have to worry about environmental hormones. 


Stay hygienic

Instant steam cleaning to keep rooms clean

The CT606 is a smart automated robotic arm that makes cotton candy and sends it out for people to grab. It has a heated rolling and smart heating blade, as well as intelligent temperature-controlled burners for different types of sugar, and can make 24 different shapes of cotton candy with 6 different colors of sugar. All you have to do is place an order via the touch panel, select the shape and color you want, and you’ll have your cotton candy in two minutes. The CT606 produces cotton candy in a hygienic manner, automatically cleans itself with steam immediately after each sale to keep the room clean, and has automatic humidity and temperature control.


Remote control

Put it anywhere

The CT606 is built on Android, and all management can be done through a smartphone, allowing you to check the inventory inside the machine, control prices, shapes, product names, and even send notifications to your smartphone when materials are running low. The CT606 has received KC certification, electrical safety certification, and two electromagnetic compatibility test reports, and has been deployed at Seoul Grand Park, E-World Amusement Park and Sinseondowon Mall. SSTM said “We’ve had requests to include a wet wipe, so we’re working on it.”

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