Checkpro is a professional housing defect lab

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Poor construction of apartments in South Korea is boosting the defect inspection services. Defects such as missing steel frames, water leaks, mold, poor insulation, and noise between floors continue to occur, and residents are experiencing great inconvenience. Construction companies allow residents to conduct preliminary inspections 2-3 days before moving into an apartment, but it is difficult for non-expert residents to detect. 


Checkpro is a professional housing defect lab that finds defects of your new house

Checkpro CEO Hangdae Jo says “Construction companies need to explain things based on principles with objective facts, but there were many parts that were overlooked by saying, ‘That’s the case for new apartments.’ Residents have a right to know this information and I felt I better do something.” He founded Checkpro to help residents move into apartments with peace of mind by providing architectural knowledge, just as a lawyer helps clients with legal knowledge. All experts are regular members of the Korea Construction Engineers Association. The association is currently the largest construction-related organization with over 900,000 members and provides education and training as well as career verification for construction engineers. The top 10% of experts receive requests from customers at Checkpro and conduct inspections. Experts systematically conduct training and practice in an environment similar to the field before being deployed to the field, and provide the highest quality through one-on-one intensive coaching.


Identifying the cause of the problem through thorough preliminary inspection

Check even invisible areas through visual check and equipment check

Checkpro has achieved a high level of satisfaction through defect inspection with over 1,000 households and the reason for this is its thorough preparation. When Checkpro receives a customer request, experts analyze the defect type through a three-week preparation process. The reason for doing this analysis first is to identify the cause and find a way to prevent the problem. CEO Jo said “The reason for the growth of mold may be because there is a lot of moisture in the air, or it may be because there is a lot of water leakage. But if you just find a defect, you end up just having to replace the wallpaper, and the same problem will arise again later.” The company mainly inspects defects that are expected to involve major construction. In particular, in the case of defects that require re-installation after demolishing tiles or floors, repairs should be completed before moving in to avoid inconvenience. One of the main inspections during these processes is the verticality and horizontality of the ceiling, floor, and windows. If the windows are not vertical or horizontal, airtightness is not secured when the windows are closed, which reduces insulation performance and causes condensation or mold to form. Because it is difficult to check with the naked eye, specialized equipment such as a laser leveler is used. The company thoroughly inspects sick building syndrome, insulation, water leaks, drafts, and boiler piping using radon detectors, air quality detectors, and thermal imaging cameras. After the inspection, it also provides consulting for defects for one year. Jo says “We will grow into a company that can help people who need architectural knowledge.”

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