Wooriga makes complex redevelopment and reconstruction work easier

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▲ EJM Company / CEO Uijin Yoon

As of February 2023, the number of redeveloped and reconstructed apartments scheduled for sale nationwide is expected to reach 128,553 households, breaking the all-time record. As such, many people are trying to find a better home or to succeed in real estate investment. However, even though a large amount of money is invested, unnecessary costs are incurred due to inefficient operation, or information is accidentally omitted, leading to legal disputes. 


Wooriga makes complex redevelopment and reconstruction work easier

Wooriga, operated by EJM Company, an urban maintenance platform IT company, makes redevelopment and reconstruction work easy and efficient. CEO Uijin Yoon said “There are a lot of redevelopment disputes, and there are a lot of fights between union members. “There were many cases where outsiders spread rumors and union members were incited. Each union handles money ranging from hundreds of billions to trillions of won. However, while dealing with such project expenses and having hundreds to thousands of union members, there were many cases where work was done with just one program and one piece of paper.” To solve these problems, we developed Wooriga, a redevelopment/reconstruction operation system, and it is currently operating with favorable reviews. 


Efficiency of redevelopment and reconstruction operation system

Member personal information is also safe with double security

Wooriga digitized all work, replaced it with electronic documents, and increased efficiency by utilizing mobile registration and text messaging. Because it is carried out through a pre-filled list of union members, there are no omissions due to human error. Registering the list is convenient as it is divided into union president (chairman), union member (owner), and management/subscriber (=non-union member) through simple membership registration and matching with the union member list. Yoon said “Mail, text, and register copy issuance services are provided at approximately 30 to 40% cheaper. In terms of amount, one or two cases may not be large, but if accumulated over a year or two, you can save tens of millions to hundreds of millions of won, and the money saved in this way will be returned to the union members.” Wooriga also provides electronic voting with 100% legal validity in connection with government-authorized institutions, and can fundamentally prevent personal information leakage issues with double security.


Convenient management through union member list

Block rumors through the union member community

Wooriga clearly streamlines work through linkage with existing registered lists and state recognized organizations. Yoon said “When working by hand, it was confusing which file was the final version, and it was difficult to check the change history even when cutting out the paper and scanning it. However, Wooriga is easily manageable even if many modifications are added.” In Wooriga, anonymity is guaranteed through a nickname, while at the same time showing whether you are a member of the union or not. Because of this, it can block rumors spread in the community by impersonating union members. Thanks to this, Wooriga certified the ISO 14001 environmental management system and also was certified as an innovative growth venture company. Currently, close to 2,000 unions are using Wooriga.

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