Indulge in the flavor of spicy back ribs at Yangpoonae Deunggalbee Meal kits for home and outdoors

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Sirloin is the most tender and lean cut of pork, with a high protein content that makes it a great choice for those who don’t like fatty flavors or have difficulty eating tougher cuts of meat. Steaming the spare ribs tenderizes the meat and makes it easier to eat, and the seasoning used is light and rich, making it a complementary dish.


Yangpoonae Deunggalbee for all

Naturally made spicy sauce and 100% hand processing

Yangpoonae Deunggalbee is considered one of the best places to eat back ribs, as the big yellow bowl is filled with meaty back ribs, bean sprouts, and mushrooms, making the restaurant a great place for young and old alike. Opened about 10 years ago, and all of the sauces are made in-house, and it does not use any chemical seasonings, including capsaicin. The spicy and umami flavors are made with chili powder, sesame seeds, and fruit, and the spare ribs are top-grade, so they’re super fresh, have great texture, and are 100% hand-cut to eliminate bad smells and tastes. The meat is so tender that you can separate the bone from the flesh with chopsticks, the spiciness is adjustable to four levels, and the side dish of white kimchi is a perfect match. The menus are two: Yangpoon Deunggalbee and Cheese Deunggalbee. You can add vermicelli, rice cakes, mushrooms, etc. and get free buckwheat noodles. The restaurant opened in April 2014 in Bundang, and has been operating three branches for about 10 years, all of which have been established as gourmet restaurants and have high sales.


Enjoy the seasoning with gondre vegetable rice 

Steamed eggs neutralize the spiciness while gondre vegetable rice is a perfect match for the seasoning, thus most recommended by the regulars. Mix the rice with the seasoning to enjoy spiciness and flavor at the same time. The restaurant also sells meal kits. MealKit has maintained a rating of 4.9 or higher for more than four years in Bundang, Ansan, and Suwon. The restaurant receives several franchise inquiries a day, but it turns them down to maintain the high quality of its food. 


▲ Yangpoonae Deunggalbee / CEOs Sungtae Choi, Moonyoung Jo

Order mealkits anywhere!

The taste enjoyed at the restaurant at the campsites!

Mealkits are also made 100% by hands. All ingredients our in there so all you have to do is just cook it. The taste is as same as the taste you might have had at one of the restaurants. The soy sauce and spicy sauce in particular can be used for many different kinds of food in addition to pork ribs. Thanks to this, the mealkits is attracting attention on social media and TV shows. Yangpoonae Deunggalbee received the Korea Popular Brand Awards for 2 years in a row. Recently, it received an explosive response from the visitors of the 2023 Mega Show alongside impressive sales. 

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