“Leading new funeral services with differentiated attention to detail”

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Pay-as-you-go funeral services are gaining in popularity as they help families make the most of unexpected losses. Geugil Sangjo is a post-paid funeral company that offers high-quality funeral services, including handmade urns.


Differentiated services from stereotype

Geugil Sangjo, located in Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do, provides high-quality funeral services that are differentiated from the stereotype. Thanks to this, the company boasts high customer satisfaction.

CEO Yongin Lee says “Traditional funeral companies offer a one-size-fits-all, formalized service that doesn’t differentiate itself. We, on the other hand, do our best to honor the deceased while making sure the family and mourners are comfortable.”

In fact, Geugil Sangjo has been gaining more attention as its differentiated funeral services have gone viral, with the company handling the funerals of celebrities such as the late singer Park Jung-woon and the late Choi Sung-bin. The company has been praised for creating a space for bereaved families and mourners to honor the deceased, such as installing a banner with the deceased’s photo on the last leg of the journey.


Customized religious urns and healing services for bereaved families

The company also provides Christian, Catholic, and Buddhist urns for funerals, which are set up according to religious characteristics.

While traditional urns were expensive and often flawed, the company’s differentiated quality urns lowered the price and increased the quality. In fact, the company has patented a 3D urn of Jesus Christ.

The company also provides care services for the bereaved after the funeral. Professional counselors meet with the bereaved family to convey comfort, and after the funeral, the company provides free relaxation services at the Jeongbalsan branch of Meonyeok Gongbang, a private healing facility, through partnership.

Geugil Sangjo adopts a “post-payment system” where you pay for funeral products after you use them, with no pre-registration or monthly payments. If you sign up as a member, you can also receive special benefits when using the service.

CEO Lee emphasized the need for careful checks when choosing a funeral company. “Even if it’s a postpaid service, you need to be wary of companies that offer too low a price. They may add options later and increase the price.”

The company will soon launch an ashes transfer care service, which involves transferring the ashes to another urn. This is a service that removes the ashes before changing the urn, sterilizes the urn, and removes microorganisms to protect the ashes from infection in the urn.

“There is a problem with the persistence of the vacuum inside the urn, which causes the ashes to go rancid over time. This care is the first ashes care service in Korea that can prevent this.”


Becoming Korea’s leading funeral company

Lee expressed his ambition to grow Geugil Sangjo into Korea’s leading funeral company in the next five years. 

“Many bereaved families express a lot of gratitude for our services. We want to take part in creating an advanced funeral service in Korea. “I think customers are impressed when we stick to the basics. We’re going to stick to the basics and try to be honest instead of trying to be superficial. We want to be a top-tier service provider in five years.”

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