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Robots are utilized in every industry nowadays. Among many robot related parts, robot covers are clothes worn to protect robots, making them easier to manage and extending their lifespan. Although it is still an unfamiliar field in Korea, a company specializing in robot protective covers has obtained Venture Enterprise certification and is attracting attention for developing eco-friendly robot cover products.


Robot covers help extend the lifespan

Founded in 2020, JD-TECH develops high-quality, durable covers for robot protection that are utilized in a variety of industries. 

A robot cover is a simple attachment for industrial robots that keeps out water, moisture, coolant, oil, embers, dirt, and other debris to extend the life of the robot.

This reduces time spent on cumbersome and time-consuming cleaning and maintenance of industrial robots. It also helps maintain robot durability and aesthetics by blocking environmental factors that can contaminate machines, reduce precision, and cause malfunctions.

CEO Dongbun Kim explains that the company became interested in the relatively unknown robot cover because it realized that as the automation industry develops, various types of robots are being developed and there is a need for robot protective covers.

“It wasn’t easy to establish ourselves because it was a business that no one else was doing, but we are now growing in scale, supplying products to domestic automotive companies.” says Kim.

The main products are the robot covers used for automotive paint and they are made to fit and dress each part of the robot like we wear clothes.

Painting creates dust and damage to the robot, and the cover prevents it from breaking down. It also improves productivity and efficiency.

In addition to its automotive paint line, the company also customizes functional covers for robots in specialty applications.

JD-TECH has a very high level of customer satisfaction because they visit the site, see the robot in action, and customize the design. In fact, the company has applied for a patent on its technology for manufacturing high-performance, heat-resistant, industrial robot cover fabrics.

From yarn selection to high-temperature heat treatment, silicone coating, and sewing processes, experts have been working to manufacture robot cover products with high strength and heat resistance.

They are also working to develop eco-friendly products using eco-friendly fibers and other materials in line with the latest trends, and are researching the production of environmentally friendly products using biodegradable materials.


JD-TECH taps into global markets with technical prowess

JD-TECH aims to gain competitiveness through factory expansion and enter the global market with eco-friendly products.

“Currently, robot cover products are incinerated as industrial waste, which can cause environmental pollution. However, we will make the product biodegradable by using eco-friendly materials such as SEA cell and SMART cell.”

To this end, the company plans to strengthen its research staff and further focus on research and development, and believes that its eco-friendly products will be able to secure sufficient competitiveness overseas.

CEO Kim explains that it was the support of his family that kept him going tirelessly.

“As a female entrepreneur, I have faced many challenges, but the unity of my employees and the support of my family have been my strength and driving force to continue the business. I will try to get a sense of accomplishment while thinking about how to make the product better.”

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