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The world has entered an aging society with a trend of low birth rates and an increase in life expectancy. In Korea alone, the elderly population reached 14% in 2017, and the elderly population aged 65 or older is expected to exceed 10 million in 2025. Claims are being made that more attention should be paid to health problems. Experts point out that not only internal medical examinations such as diabetes and blood pressure, but also motor function tests such as walking function and cardiorespiratory capacity are required. In particular, as the elderly population is turning into a productive population, testing of motor function related to productive capacity is essential for the future society.


AI-based accurate and convenient body function measurement

Muscular strength, cardiorespiratory capacity, and flexibility tests with one myFitNote

Exercowork is a motor function test company that developed myFitNote, a smart body function test system that measures cardiorespiratory, muscle, balance, and gait functions more accurately and conveniently based on AI technology, which were previously measured by humans.

The company is conducting motor function tests in various clinical trial fields such as dementia, stroke, Parkinson’s, and rehabilitation medicine. Since the existing inspection method relies on manpower, problems such as reliability may occur if a professional manpower is absent, and there are many factors that hinder accurate inspection results. Above all, it is difficult even for a university hospital to secure a large space as the number of test subjects increases.

myFitNote, developed to solve these problems, can test walking ability, balance ability, cardiorespiratory function, and muscle function based on AI technology. For the inspection, the system was constructed with the cooperation of professional research personnel in related fields such as sports science, clinical medicine, and computer engineering, and the use and speed were secured by lightening image data. myFitNote can perform functional tests such as balance ability, walking speed, and chair standing, as well as functional tests such as multi-segment flexion, multi-segment extension, multi-segment rotation, and single-legged standing, as well as physical fitness tests for the elderly. myFitNote can do a variety of movements and tests, such as upper extremity muscle function through lifting dumbbells, lower extremity muscle function when sitting in a chair and standing up, cardiopulmonary function through 2-minute walking in place, forward bending while sitting in a chair, and upper extremity flexibility through holding hands behind the back. 


Providing indicators and exercise solution data

Received a favorable response at an expo

myFitNote provides test results according to the National Physical Fitness 100 standard for the elderly. National Physical Fitness 100 is a free sports welfare program that provides exercise counseling and prescriptions by measuring and evaluating the physical condition using scientific methods with the goal of improving the physical strength and health of the people. Users can measure their physical strength and receive a video exercise prescription that suits them accordingly. myFitNote comprehensively evaluates indicators, body shaking, gait patterns, and muscle function of body parts to provide data necessary for exercise solutions, and can also be analyzed in conjunction with multi-domain data and various data related to diseases.

These functions are developed on a mobile basis and are not limited by space. The company is promoting expansion into a digital treatment platform in connection with medical institutions, and is promoting commercialization by utilizing university talent and infrastructure in cooperation with the Department of Sports and Technology at Seokyeong University. myFitNote was introduced at the 2023 Korea International Women’s Invention Expo held last July and received a great response.

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