Solarbrick, the combinable solar charger in the palm of your hand

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Solar power is becoming increasingly important due to the declaration of a carbon neutral era. Unless you’ve installed solar panels on your home, it’s unlikely that you’ll ever use them to charge your personal electronics. Because of this, most people only recognize the importance of solar power but don’t realize the reality of it, and some even say that solar power is useless. Therefore, there is a need for solar power products that can be used not only for commercial electricity generation, but also for personal use.


Solarbrick is the solar panel that assembles and disassembles easily

Excellent portability and performance

HANVIXOLAR Inc. is a company focused on inventing prefabricated solar chargers, researching renewable energy, and popularizing solar power.

Typically, solar power is generated by fixed installation of plate solar panels. These require a lot of space, are heavy, and can generate power on a large scale, but are typically only used for commercial power generation. That’s why the company developed the Solarbrick, a small, personal, portable, prefabricated solar charger that can be used by individuals. As the name suggests, these are prefabricated solar panels that can be assembled and disassembled and carried around like bricks. They can be used to charge a small amount of power for personal use and are lightweight in exchange for a small footprint. Each panel is only 45 grams. The light weight allows you to change the power generated by the solar charger by assembling panels. Because Solarbrick is lightweight and highly configurable, it can respond to the direction of light, and you can adjust the amount of power you need by assembling the panels. 

Traditional foldable solar chargers have a fixed surface area and are vulnerable to damage due to their folding nature. This shortened their lifespan and caused them to be discarded, and they often lacked scalability when more power was needed or when multiple products needed to be charged. Solarbrick increases power generation and reduces charging time by expanding the light harvesting area by assembling the panels. It is also more portable than a foldable solar charger because it can be stored separately and stacked on top of each other, making it less bulky than a foldable solar charger. The four brick panels can charge a commercially available smartphone in five hours, optimizing portability and usability.


Can be used as an educational tool

Customization with a variety of controllers

Solarbricks are easy to assemble and can be assembled into a variety of shapes, making it easy for students to learn about solar power. The product consists of four solar panels, one controller, and one cable, and the connections and disconnections are magnetic, making it easy for anyone to assemble and disassemble. So even the youngest students can build their own Solarbricks. The company demonstrated this at the 2023 Edu Plus Week and received a good response.

HANVIXOLAR Inc. offers a variety of controllers for use with their Solarbricks, each with USB ports and battery charging capabilities, as well as different types of power indicators and Bluetooth. The company has also developed Metal Mask, a metal stencil mask that can replace traditional mesh screens to reduce costs and increase the efficiency of solar modules. Unlike conventional glued frames, metal masks are prefabricated, which reduces manufacturing costs, improves productivity, reduces storage space, and improves workability. Through these technological developments, the company has successfully completed various government R&D projects and is contributing to the dissemination and development of domestic solar power.

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