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High-performance motorized hand pumping gun dominates domestic market with gentle yet powerful massage ‘Somoko Pumping Care Machine’, excellent for relieving various conditions such as leg edema and 신태섭 기자l승인2023.08.14l수정2023.08.14 17:23







Hand pumping guns with high-performance motors dominate the domestic market with gentle yet powerful massages

Massaging deep into your muscles with a 10mm amplitude for the perfect knotty release

The domestic home care industry is approaching KRW 10 trillion. This is a growth of more than 30% in three years, and the industry expects the homecare market to grow even faster in the future. Many companies are bringing various healthcare devices to the market, but most of them are low-cost products made in China. Samhwa Medical, a medical device company, has been experiencing explosive growth in recent years as it has introduced a wide range of high-quality homecare products that are developed in-house and produced domestically. The company’s flagship product is the hand pumping gun. It is a cordless, rechargeable, and wireless product with a light weight and stable grip that can be used comfortably by people of all ages. The main advantage of this product is that it is equipped with a newly developed high-performance special motor. It is 1/3 the size of a regular motor and is lightweight while delivering a smooth and strong amplitude. Its lightweight and ergonomic design makes it easy to hold with one hand, even for the elderly. The pumping action is very stable, so you won’t feel any shock except where you need it. The 20 speed levels allow for precise speed control, so you can massage your favorite areas at the exact intensity and speed you want. The amplitude of the hand pumping gun is 10mm, which allows you to massage deep into your muscles to relieve soreness and fatigue more effectively. Another advantage of hand pumping guns is the five types of massage heads. The round head is used for large muscle areas and is best for relaxing thick, large muscles. The full-rod head wand has a wider head than the traditional flat and is great for larger muscle groups. Flats are perfect for relaxing the inner and outer muscles with a gentle massage. Acupressure rods are used for deeper muscles that need stronger stimulation. The full-rod head is a patented product that is wider than a traditional flat head. It is best used on large areas of muscle, but can be used all over the body, making it one of the most popular massage heads among consumers. The company is the only domestic company making hand pumping guns in Korea and has completely recaptured the domestic hand pumping gun market that was once ceded to China, and currently holds the number one market share in Korea.


‘Somoko Pumping Care Machine’, excellent for relieving various conditions such as leg edema, chronic fatigue, and cold feet

Improve circulation! Soften tight muscles with near-infrared light and magnetic fields deep into the skin!

Sometimes, after a hard day’s work, your joints feel stiff, as if they’re rusted out. This is especially true for older people, who often suffer from this symptom even after doing simple exercises. These symptoms are caused by poor blood circulation and can lead to various diseases such as leg edema, chronic fatigue, and cold feet. Another of the company’s flagship products, the Somoko Pumping Care Machine, is a perfect solution to this problem.

The Somoco Pumping Care Machine is an improved model of the existing full-body pumping automatic exercise machine ‘Sports Doctor’ and has been gaining a lot of popularity since its launch. The product repeats the contraction and relaxation of the calf muscles through vertical up and down movements, and the blood from the lower part of the body is moved to the upper part of the body through pumping action, which solves the lack of walking prevalent in modern people and greatly helps the systemic blood circulation. Near-infrared light penetrates deep into the skin and helps activate the body’s tissues. In fact, NIR therapy devices are widely used in hospitals such as orthopedic and neurosurgical centers to treat inflammation and treat joints and muscles. At the end of both wings, there are special protrusions called longitudinal rods, which are designed for acupressure and massage of the concave parts of the body, such as the palms, soles, shoulders, and stomach. By increasing circulation without putting too much strain on the body, these rods are great for relieving fatigue, reducing swelling and pain, and strengthening kidney function. The product is equipped with a medical magnetic generator, the PNS-3210, which helps relieve muscle pain. Magnetic fields are widely known to relieve muscle pain, wrist pain, shoulder pain, and back pain. It has a timer that you can set and a built-in remote control so that you can do it while watching the TV.  

“The Somoko Pumping Care machine can be used on any part of the body. Just 15 minutes once a day is enough to relieve muscle stiffness and pain.” says CEO Gwangja Kim.


New hand pumping gun is coming soon with overseas market in mind

Samhwa Medical strives to make lives of people healthier

The company’s Near-Infrared Dome Steamer & Mat is an easy way to heal your tired body and mind. The dome-shaped heating pad provides a healthy compress for the entire body, and can be enjoyed at home or unfolded to become a warm mat. The products are KC-certified for zero electromagnetic radiation and can be folded up for easy storage in an empty space behind a sofa or bed.

In 2008, the company opened branches in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, and Moscow, Russia, and succeeded in exporting massagers to Japan and the United States. The company will soon launch an improved version of its existing hand pumping gun, and plans to export overseas in earnest. 

▲ Samhwa Medical / CEO Gwangja Kim

“We’ve established ourselves in the domestic market. We will go to overseas markets in the future. We will strive to keep people healthy through continuous research and development.” says CEO Gwangja Kim.

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