Let’s go to the sea this summer with O9 that will keep you safe!

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&Tis the season for vacations and water fun. More and more people are taking to the water in rivers and oceans, but at the same time, more and more people are worried about safety. Parents have to keep an eye on their kids, and when they*re out of sight, their hearts sink. This is why there is a growing demand for products that allow the whole family to enjoy the water without worrying about their safety.


O9 will keep you and your family safe this summer

Quick call for help to avoid the golden time

Funworld is a company that has attracted attention by developing ‘O9’ series and ‘ODGO’ safety products with excellent motion detection sensing and deep learning analysis technologies.

Funworld CEO Kyunghwan Yoo has developed a variety of safety products, including the Fun Insole, a smart insole, a thermometer, a heart rate monitor, and a positioning beacon. His family owns a water park, and he saw the need for safety products, which led to the development of the O9 (Oh!My Life) series of life jackets and distress call generators.

The O9 series is designed to act as a life preserver in the event of a drowning or emergency while fishing, yachting, or cruising, as well as to alert loved ones of your location via SOS text. 

It utilizes a water detection sensor to quickly request rescue in the event of an accident, and a smartphone app to quickly request rescue so that you don’t miss the golden time for rescue.

This is especially true with the high-sensitivity positioning function in GPS background, which allows you to pinpoint the exact location of an accident even if you can’t see the accident and can’t locate it with the naked eye, so you can be rescued in time. In addition, you can enjoy your leisure activities safely in the dark with the 3-level brightness adjustable flashlight.

It is a low-power design that can be used for 15 days after being fully charged, so there is less risk of malfunction due to discharge, and it is highly reliable, especially with IPX8 waterproof test results and KC certification.


O9W and O9S for out of water safety

ODGO is loaded with LTE

Fundworld started selling O9 in July, and has also developed and is currently selling O9W, a smartphone-connected GPS transmitter. The O9W is a product that sends a location signal via text at the push of a button and can be used as a necklace or bag accessory for women.

The O9S contains water and motion sensors and is designed to be worn next to a child’s swim goggles, so it can tell if they are in the water, out of the water, or drowned. It can detect and distinguish accidents by analyzing the collected information through deep learning, which can be used for various purposes such as locating the elderly, preventing missing children.

Fundworld is also working on ODGO, which has built-in LTE and allows users to check their location without a smartphone. This is a product that includes a fall detection function and has various functions of the O9 series, as well as an exercise effect measurement function. ODGO is KC certified and network certified, and will be released as soon as the antenna design and conformance test are completed.

CEO Yoo says “We will continue to develop many products to create a fun world, and we will continue to introduce practical products such as IoT motion detectors to ensure that every moment of your daily life is safe and worry-free.”

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