2023 Korea International Academic and Cultural Festival

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2023 Korea International Academic and Cultural Festival was a success. On June 22, I visited the Daehan Sarang Seoul Seminar Room to observe the first session of Day 4 to see a presentation by Professor Yoohee Kim of the Future Heritage Forum, who has been studying and teaching Cheon Boo Kyung for 28 years. The presentation was moderated by Dr. Chul Yoo of the Win-Win Culture Institute, and was joined by Professor Simon Kim, a visiting scholar at the institute, and Professor Chankoo Lee of the Right History Council for the Future.


Cheon Boo Kyung is a prophetic book of mankind and a lantern for a nation

Dr. Yoo said “Professor Yoohee Kim majored in business administration and has been studying Cheon Boo Kyung for a long time, and has published many articles that are more contemplative than traditional philosophy books. He has done research on Samilshingo and Chamjeonkaegyeong, as well as translations of the famous prophetic book Gyokamyurok. He will give an in-depth presentation on the ideology and thought of Cheon Boo Kyung, which is the most difficult and implied text.” Professor Kim then took the podium and gave his presentation on a review of the ideology and ideas of Cheon Boo Kyung, the book.

The book, he said, represents an archetype that symbolizes heaven, earth, and people, as well as an equitable world, and he organized his reflections on the book’s ideology and ideas into nine topics. He said “The ideas of the book contain a very important humanism, which is also known as humanistic thought. In other words, the book is a story of heaven and man, a mysterious sentence, and a short epigram of only 81 characters. Thirty-one of the 81 characters are numerical, making it very difficult to decipher, and the implications are such that it is difficult to say which interpretation is the correct one. Of all the scriptures in the world, ours is the only one labeled with numbers. This book is a prophecy of mankind and a light for a people. Prophecy is the soul of a people, and I often refer to it as a people’s lamp. I am convinced that the spirit of this book is the root of our Eastern culture.”

Dr. Yoon said after the presentation “The idea of the book presented by Kim is Injoongsasang, which pursues humanism. The essence of the book is Yoosimsasang. The book is the idea of creating this world as a Hongik human being. The part where he said that the book is the heaven and earth work of Jeungsan Sangje and the book is the philosophy of practice was very unusual, unfamiliar, and interesting for Win-Win Culture Institute researchers who are studying the truth of Jeungsan Do. I would like to listen more if I have a chance in the future.” Meanwhile, Daehan Sarang is a historical and cultural movement organization that works to recover our lost culture and history and to pioneer a bright future for Korea by establishing the national lineage of Korean history. The Future Heritage Forum, led by Prof. Kim, also seeks to fill the gaps and holes in Korea’s forgotten history, and is the only organization in Korea to promote Cheon Boo Kyung based on Cheon Boo Kyung education. Prof. Kim plans to release an English translation of Samilshingo in the second half of this year. (≦ If you are interested in the Cheon Boo Kyung program, call 010-6366-1872)

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