Air conditioning system company Doowon CEO Kijang Jeong introduces a power generation system technology using electric vehicle loads!

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The competition was rigorously judged and awarded by the President, Prime Minister, Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, and Maekyung Media Group, with special attention paid to CEOs who contributed to new growth areas. On June 30, Doowon CEO Kijang Jeong gave a presentation on new growth management with a patented technology he developed. The technology introduced on the 11th floor of the Stayrak Hotel in Jung-gu, Seoul, was a power generation system using electric vehicle loads, which we have introduced several times.


Reason number one: the right technology to create future industries!

I presume that Jeong’s power generation system technology is well-suited for the award, which will take place later this year. The New Growth Awards, sponsored by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, the Association of High Potential Enterprises of Korea and the Korea Venture Business Association, are designed to reward companies that have made significant contributions to the discovery of future foods and new crops, thereby ultimately enhancing national competitiveness. Doowon has been answering the questions that have been constantly raised through its patented technology ‘Electric Power Generation System Using Electric Vehicle Loads’ developed in 2016. The basic principle of this system is that a piston that produces pressure using hydraulic pressure and a hydraulic cylinder containing it are fixed in the space between the sleepers under the rails, so that when the train moves, the kinetic energy of the fluid generated by the load is converted into pressure energy and stored in the load pressure collection device. Since it can be mounted on top of the already installed rails, there is no need to replace the rails, and it is also a very stable technology in terms of energy productivity because the load is continuously transferred for a certain period of time.


Reason number two: innovative green power generation!

The device is fixed between the sleeper and the sleeper of the railway rail, and the pressure energy is accumulated and stored through the load pressure collection device by the load generated when the electric vehicle or train moves, and the adjustable hydraulic body is obtained, and the power production system that can generate and utilize continuous driving force with the extracted flow rate is properly established. A single subway car weighs about 420 tons, and with more than 80 stops and starts per station at about 390 stations in the metropolitan area, the total daily load on the trains’ rails will reach 13,923,000 tons. According to Doowon’s technology, the weight of these trains is an inexhaustible resource, and if it can be utilized to generate electricity, a highly innovative eco-friendly power generation system is expected. 


Reason number three: job creation!

According to Seoul Metro, annual ridership is expected to reach about 2.7 billion people in 2019. Therefore, the load on trains is expected to increase further. In this situation, a big feature of the power generation system technology using electric vehicle load is that the load of the train itself can be an energy source, so it can secure an ‘infinite resource’. It can be said that it is a very innovative eco-friendly power generation system in that it utilizes infinite resources that do not generate separate raw material costs or environmental pollution. It’s an effective way to generate electricity in a country that has one of the best urban rail systems in the world, but doesn’t have a lot of natural resources like oil. 


+What to do when a railroad undercarriage hydraulic system fails 

Cooperation with the Korea Railroad Administration, Railway Research Institute, and Subway Corporation

At the New Growth Management Technology Presentation PT, CEO Jeong responded to a question about the repair plan in the event of a sleeper hydraulic failure. “First of all, the failure rate of the hydraulic module is extremely low, and if it fails, you can replace the entire sleeper or replace the module inside the sleeper. We have a spare sleeper in stock, which is provided by Doowon Air Conditioning System.” Regarding coordination with related organizations, he said “We are constantly trying to meet with the relevant organizations and will continue to work with each municipality and agency.”

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