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▲ ‘Odyssey The Terrace View’ management team / CEO Taeksang Yoon

Odyssey The Terrace View, located in Paju, is the first studio flat in the LG Display Industrial Complex. It is a residential building with a total of 288 households on 7 floors (2 basement floors and 5 floors above ground) and a total of 7 parking lots. It is a place where investment by large companies and demand from office workers is expected as the space is highly utilized with a multi-story structure for all households and a large-scale industrial complex is located in close proximity.

However, at the time of construction, many owners and residents are suffering from illegal rebate and poor building problems. Thus set sail was the Odyssey The Terrace View management team led by CEO Taeksang Yoon.


A heart that builds virtue through devotion

The endeavor to raise value

Yoon is making every effort to restore the rights of the owners and residents and to increase the value of Odyssey The Terrace View.

Since long before, he has been doing volunteer work. He went to the US as a Methodist evangelist, formed a youth group and served the Korean society as the president of the Christian Council of Korea. Back in Korea, her obtained a caregiver certificate and serviced patients in cancer centers alongside free performance and funeral.

Yoon says “We should serve people in need like we save money in the bank. We can solve a problem someday by withdrawing one or two of the services I gave people before. This is the philosophy I serve people.”

Recently, he formed Odyssey Rainbow Art Troupe to provide social contributions while taking up the head of the Paju Narasarang Association. His continuous services and devotions have eventually led him to be the president of the Odyssey The Terrace View management team. 


Fighting to protect the rights of owners and residents

Drastic reform for fairness

He said that because Odyssey The Terrace View is in a good location, there were many people who ignored the rights of others for their own greed. “After the use was approved, the developer arbitrarily owned the second basement floor of the parking lot and made money. Parking income from other floors was also taken, and maintenance costs were passed on to the tenants. Corruption related to the developer is enormous, and there are no accounting books.”

Along with lawsuits against various corruptions such as kickbacks and embezzlement, he continues to fight against the developer for the rights of the residents.

As a result, he succeeded in regaining the operating rights of the remaining parking lots, except for the parking lot on the second basement floor, and is currently correcting the management fee system, which is against the principle of fair management fee imposition, and boldly reforming areas where responsibility and authority are required.


From women’s safety to precise safety diagnosis

Turning it into one of the best studio flats

Yoon replaced 150 CCTVs with ADT caps, installed emergency bells to increase women’s safety, and created signboards, bus stops, and even a tenant public car system to achieve a high quality living environment. He became the president of the management team in recognition of his achievements. Continuing his services, he introduced resting areas and once or twice a year barbeque party for residents.

He is still carrying on inspections and patrols. “At both ends of each floor, hot water tanks that were not on the design drawing pressed the sides of the building, causing the building to bend and the tiles to bounce in the middle. The fire department recently discovered that the hot water tank prevented the descending phase, so they demolished it and replaced it with a small hot water tank.” In addition, many of the building’s poor elements he found were ignoring drawings and poor plumbing, and there was no drainage facility, so he is currently preparing for a detailed safety diagnosis.

“I will do my best until the end to create a world where ordinary people can find their rights and laugh. The support of the government and the interest of the people will be a great strength.”

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