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The alternative meat market is growing. The domestic alternative meat market is expected to reach 29.5 billion won by 2025, up from 25.1 billion won last year, at an average annual growth rate of 8.3%. Alternative meat products are becoming increasingly popular among young people, who are often concerned about environmental conservation and animal welfare. As a result, various companies are introducing alternative meat products such as soy meat.

However, there are still many people who refuse to eat soy products due to the fishy flavor, artificial additives, and use of GMO soy. Soymaru is a company that offers a wide range of products that are made in a safe way and address the shortcomings of traditional soy products. PowerKorea met CEO Sukwoo Moon and heard the story.


Soymaru is tasty soy meat

A variety of product lines with good taste

Founded with the philosophy of “practicing nature, life, and love,” Soymaru is a company that researches, develops, and provides various types of soy meat and vegetarian foods to compensate for the shortcomings of existing vegetarian foods. 

Beans have long been referred to as the beef of the field, and they are a very nutritious food. They’re rich in protein and fat, as well as essential amino acids, B vitamins, and E vitamins. Soymaru manufactures and offers premium soy meat that is enhanced with healthy ingredients such as sprouted brown rice flour, lotus root flour, and black bean flour to enhance the flavor and nutrition.

The best part about Soymaru’s products is the variety and flavor. Soymaru soy meat is a product of the company’s 20 years of manufacturing know-how and research. The company has developed cutlets and a cutlet-type soy-based processed food made with dried fruits and nuts, and is developing and introducing more products. The company has also developed potato-based cutlets and has a lineup of grilled meats, including steaks, hamburger patties, nubiani as well as sausages, braised, and vegan. All of the company’s products are made with high-quality soy protein, giving them a savory flavor and a chewy texture similar to meat.


No artificial additives and GMO

Healthy and tasty at the same time through innovation

Soymaru’s soy meat is safe. Soybeans are usually loaded with artificial ingredients to make them taste more like meat, excess fat to bind the proteins in the soybeans, or high in sodium due to seasoning. However, Soymaru’s soy meat is free of artificial additives or GMO. In the case of soy meat, the soybeans are sometimes genetically modified for a meat-like texture, or cheaper genetically modified soybeans are used for cost reasons. This can be difficult for consumers to identify, which can contribute to a distrust of soy meat. However, Soymaru does not use genetically modified soy protein, but instead uses nuts and grain flours to create a meaty flavor and texture.

The company is also careful to use safe ingredients other than soy meat, including organic sugar in most of its products. The ingredients are manufactured under safer conditions in HACCP-certified workshops and are regularly inspected for quality and safety to ensure consumer confidence. Not content to rest on its laurels, Soymaru continues to develop cutting-edge new technologies and ideas to stay ahead of the curve and become a leader in the soy meat market.

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