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▲ biTiel Diet / CEO Eunju Yang

Summer has arrived to show your body. Many people decide to go on a diet before summer and try to get a slimmer figure, but the reality is far from perfect. Sometimes you have high goals and end up in three days, sometimes you overdo that leads to health problems, and even if you succeed, you might gain weight again.

The good news for these people is that there is a diet center that offers the best results at a reasonable price: It is biTiel Diet that boasts 15 years of clinical tests as well as good price and effectiveness.


15 years of clinical tests and knowhow

Tailored diet programs

biTiel Diet is locaed in Yeonje-gu, Busan. CEO Eunju Yang has 15 years of experience in the field and is providing effective diet methods to people. Yang says that the reason people fail is that they do it without analysis of their body and thus wrong food. For this reason, she recommends an advice from a professional. During her 15 years of experience, she came to have globally recognized health care methods to apply. These proven programs help people reduce weight, body fat and size. She uses a body fat analyzer to analyze one’s body fat followed by Q&A on daily habit in order to bring up tailored diet program. She says “If you have edema, it’s hard to break down fat, and if you have stiff muscles, if you manage cellulite, you’ll only get blood clotting. That’s why we take the program step by step, which is tailored to our customers.”


Good value for money but maximum effect

All in one care from abdomen to weigh loss

The price at biTiel Diet is the same as 10 years ago but the effect is second to none. Each care is designed for each need such as losing fat on belly only. For example, a program that uses a device to break down subcutaneous fat by directly stimulating the abdomen and a program that uses freezing to take advantage of the temperature difference that instantly lowers body temperature. Through this temperature difference, you can effectively manage the elasticity that sagging belly fat tends to lose.

There is also a high-waist management program that is popular with women. This program is aimed at customers who are constitutionally prone to lower body obesity or are worried about accumulating belly fat during menopause, and uses essential oils that resemble female hormones. It focuses on hormonal balance through essential oils and is holding the line from the lower body to the lower abdomen.

biTiel Diet also offers an intensive weight loss diet program that can help with detoxification, fat loss, cellulite management, and overall body weight and inch loss. The intensive weight loss diet starts with detox, and uses RET body fat breakdown, andmology, detoxeraphy, infrared biodome, etc. After that, it moves on to lipolysis and muscle relaxation, and at the end of this stage, it moves on to cellulite breakdown. Cellulite is a condition in which subcutaneous tissues such as skin and fat degenerate and become lumpy, mainly on the buttocks, thighs, and abdomen. If cellulite is not properly treated, even if you lose weight, the lines will not live properly, and even if you lose weight, you will not get the desired body shape. As such, it goes through the cellulite decomposition stage with certainty, holds the body line with the second lipolysis, and proceeds sequentially to elasticity and the third lipolysis, preventing yo-yo. 


Diet as well as health and constitution improvement

Face diet takes care from head to toe

Many dieters harm their health due to excessive exercise or improper diet. Even if you lose weight, if you ruin your health, there will be an imbalance in your body that can lead to other problems, or even if you lose weight, you may have the yo-yo phenomenon again. Therefore, biTiel Diet provides a healthy diet based on the principle that ‘dieting is easy when the body is healthy’. This is a program that activates fatigue and metabolism and relaxes tense muscles, and it is a program that takes care of health and weight loss through stagnant lymphatic circulation along with correct posture. There is also a healthy body diet program that helps loosen tight muscles and circulate stagnant lymph to relieve pain and feel lighter at the same time.

In particular, facial lines are difficult to manage, so it is an area that suffers a lot. biTiel Diet offers a body diet, and face diet such as a V-lubrication, a small face, and a toned contour. The program gives elasticity and nourishment to the face line after weight loss, and provides all-in-one care from head to toe with devices and product techniques tailored to each case. biTiel Diet also provides summer care and contributes to the improvement of the quality of human life with the management motto of ‘healthy and beautiful life’.

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