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▲ 100 Years Oriental Medical Clinic / Director Bonghee Han

Nestled in Dong-gu, Ilsan, 100 Years Oriental Medical Clinic is loved by the locals for fast and effective diagnosis and treatment. In addition to oriental medicine, it provides strict diet and differentiated acupunctures using fire or golden needles.


Differentiated treatment for maximum effect

Opened in 2011, 100 Years Oriental Medical Clinic (Ilsan branch) deals with aftermath of a car accident, diet, sprains, fracture, chronic pain, tinnitus, dementia, oriental cosmetic surgery, hair loss, etc. It offers tailored medicine and diet alongside fire and golden needle treatments and osteotherapy.

Fire acupuncture is a treatment in which a needle is heated over a fire. It is not very popular now, so it is difficult to see it easily in general oriental medicine clinics, and it also requires technical aspects, but it can be effective and faster than ordinary acupuncture.

Osteotherapy, which is similar to chuna manual therapy, is characterized by the use of tools. In the case of tinnitus, which is difficult to treat with Western medicine, 100 Years Oriental Medical Clinic approaches it as a treatment that controls the intestines from the perspective of systemic diseases to enhance the effect rather than approaching it as a structural problem coming from the ear.

Director Bonghee Han says “We treat our patients with utmost care so that they do not need to visit again soon. We pay a lot of attention to each expression and behavior of our staff so that they can receive treatment comfortably, and we are doing our best to ensure that patients receive treatment without any discomfort.”


Gold needle treatment

The Clinic is attracting attention in the field of traditional oriental medicine for its gold acupuncture treatment, which is not easily seen in general oriental medicine clinics.

The gold needle is made of 99.99% pure gold and is inserted under the skin to induce continuous stimulation. It is often used for chronic diseases such as degenerative arthritis, dry eyes, and dementia, as well as for face lifting.

Han says “It is a non-surgical treatment that uses patented gold threads, which are thinner than hair, and it is very effective, and even after receiving acupuncture, you can carry out your daily activities and exercise without any after-effects. Through the treatment of gold acupuncture, the muscles are strengthened, the circulation of energy is good, and it is excellent for relieving inflammation.”

Han has contributed to the development of oriental medicine by authoring books such as <Gold Needle, 10 Years Younger> and <Tinnitus Traditional Oriental Medicine> together with members of the academy.


Through the natural diet of ‘Yaksikdongwon’, we can take care of our health

With the core philosophy of “going back to nature”, the Clinic manufactures its own herbal medicines using the highest quality herbal medicines and selects a customized diet for patients.

Han says “Nowadays, people consume too many processed foods, condiments, additives, and sugar. We guide our patients on what not to eat and how to eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner through diet. Patients get better quickly and are satisfied.”

Even patients who have been diagnosed with a rare disease often have their symptoms relieved quickly by combining natural treatment and diet therapy with oriental medicine.

Han says “It is better to grind the food raw and eat it lightly cooked rather than boiled. I recommend staying away from meat and eating a natural diet of natural carbohydrates rather than protein.”


Han will work for the human rights movement and reunification of Korea

Han said she would work on human rights in her home country of North Korea.

Han took the lead in the human rights movement with the support of her father and created the “Han Won Chae Human Rights Foundation” in her father’s name. As chairman of the board of directors, Han discovers activists who have dedicated themselves to improving human rights in North Korea and awards the “Han Won chae Human Rights Award.”

Han says “Even though Western medicine has advanced a lot, there are still many areas that it cannot do. We will strive to build a medical system in which Western medicine and oriental medicine complement each other, coexist, and increase the treatment rate of patients. Oriental medicine is our proud discipline and we want to promote the excellence of K-medicine to the world. In order to do that, we need the support of the government and interest of the people.”

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