The Cloud Nine, a personal mobility that makes us happy

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With an aging society, there is a growing number of products for the older population. As the proportion of elderly people increases, more and more people are becoming active and engaging in various activities for health and hobbies. 

The motorized wheelchair is the center of attention here. It can reduce the burden on caregivers as well as older adults with physical limitations. This means that we can increase the socially active population and reduce the burden on the welfare of the elderly. JS mobility is a company specialized in making motorized wheelchairs. Monthly PowerKorea met CEO Seungheon Baek and heard the story.


A personal mobility that makes people happy

One touch fastening, light yet strong with alloy

Founded in 2014, Jaesung is a wheelchair design and manufacturing company that aims to be a “global leader in personal mobility products that make people happy. 

JS mobility has been developing a new type of electric wheelchair to open up new mobility markets. In addition to the finished products developed in-house, products and wheelchair parts manufactured by ODM have been successfully localized due to the accumulated technology and production facilities. One of the features of this wheelchair is the ability to disassemble and assemble with one-touch fastening. The patented one-touch fastener allows the chair and the drive to be separated, and the chair section can be detached to customize the fit for different body shapes and sizes. These features create a double down-sizing effect, providing convenience for storage and transportation, as well as the ability to create different types of applications as needed. This technology can also be applied to electric strollers and transport and delivery platforms.

The electric wheelchair is made of AI 7003, a special duralumin alloy, which not only sets it apart, but also makes it lighter and stronger, so it won’t break. The company develops and supplies the best quality products by strictly observing and supervising various quality procedures, and aims to diversify its production and products based on this.


Safe and comfortable cloud nine with center-axis based suspension

FDA approved, ISO13485 certified

JS mobility has developed a new type of electric wheelchair that allows users, caregivers, and companions to easily remove, store, and interact with the wheelchair, and the suspension feature that provides a stable ride also makes the product lightweight. 

Recently, the company introduced CLOUD NINE, a product with center-axis-based suspension. The suspension is a patented feature that cushions road bumps. Wheelchairs are mostly used for external mobility, and the roads are often not smooth, with many gentle slopes and bumps. The impact is directed at the occupant’s spine, joints, etc. Cloud Nine solved this by mitigating it with suspension. In addition to the axle-based suspension, the car is equipped with tubeless tires at the front and rear to further absorb road bumps.

▲ JS mobility / CEO Seungheon Baek

The suspension isn’t the only safety feature on the Cloud Nine. For the first time in the world, JS mobility has equipped a beltless, three-position adjustable footrest safety bar/safety harness to fit the body shape. The seat belts are beltless and convenient, but with two levels of adjustment to prevent falls, riders can feel safe and comfortable at the same time. Other safety features include sudden collision avoidance, as well as LED line projection while driving to keep you and your passengers safe.

Cloud Nine received a great response at the Korea Rehabilitation Homecare Welfare Expo 2023 held in June, and has been certified by the FDA as well as ISO13485. JS mobility also plans to export to the U.S. and Europe with its diverse product lineup and showcase it at overseas exhibitions in the second half of this year.

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