Saeroan wins 2023 Korea Innovative Company & Brand Awards in vision correction expert group category

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▲ Saeroan / CEO Sungjin Oh

Saeroan won 2023 Korea Innovative Company & Brand Awards in vision correction expert group category. The optician runs branch stores in Gangneung, Suwon, Taebaek, Songdo and Bupyeong. Saeroan CEO Sungjin Oh, who leads the expert team consisted of masters and doctors of Kangwon National University Department of Optometry, has 17 years of experience in the field.

Oh says “Domestic opticians are usually in charge of examining and correcting refractive errors and examining and solving various problems related to the eyes. As the expertise of an optician is required, even though opticians have obtained a national license after completing a regular curriculum in a related department, their role is institutionally limited due to the lack of an optometrist system in Korea. This is a huge loss to both opticians and society, so I have been thinking about various ways to fulfill my social role as a vision correction specialist and contribute to improving eye health. As I went through my clinical experience and my master’s and doctoral course, I came to have a clear conviction that the expertise and role of opticians should be increased, and I formed a vision correction expert group at Kangwon National University with my master’s and doctorate alumni who share my will. This is how Saeroan was born.”


Professional vision correction for the disabled and the elderly who are vulnerable to examination

Various educational activities to nurture professional talent

Saeroan provides optimal vision correction considering refractive error and eye function abnormality for those aged 7 and over. In addition, eye functions such as accommodation and congestion are analyzed and managed in connection with visual function training experts, and as an eye health expert who manages overall vision and visual function, the new glasses are firmly established.

Optometrists here are composed of those with doctoral degrees in health and medical sciences (Suwon/Gangneung Center), doctoral programs (Bupyeong/Songdo Center), or those who plan to enter doctoral programs next year (Taebaek Center).

Oh says “I suffered a car accident and was diagnosed with a comminuted fracture in both ankles, which resulted in permanent disability. I was on the verge of death due to sepsis, but in the process of overcoming it, I came to the realization that ‘everyone dies, but one person’s good intentions remain beyond generations’. After gaining this realization, I went to graduate school and obtained a doctorate in health and medical science specializing in optometry. I am making efforts in various ways to contribute to changing the perception of opticians to the public and improving the system for opticians’ duties in order to enhance the professionalism and role of opticians. I am putting my heart and soul into fostering professional talent by conducting various education programs that easily and accurately connect theory and practice.”

Saeroan supports students in the department of optometry by linking school education and field work through hands-on education, and provides after-school education, daycare centers, and free vision care at senior welfare centers. CEO Oh lectures at the university every semester, attends conferences and presents international academic papers. In addition, Oh has demonstrated the professional skills of opticians in various institutions and events, such as the 2022 Korean Society of Vision Science Winter Academic Conference, 2022 Korean Ophthalmic Society Winter Academic Conference, 2022 Kangwon National University Ophthalmic Optics Department Practical Ability Certification Festival, and 2023 Gyeonggi-do Optical Society President’s Commendation.

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