Seo Yu-jeong to hold an exhibition of Qi paintings in Vermont, U.S

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The Seo Yu-jeong Jeju Invitation Exhibition, held in the first half of last year, was a highly acclaimed exhibition by members of five countries: the United States, Romania, France, Canada and South Korea. The work of Seo Yu-jeong, a South Korean Qi painter, is described as a special painting wishing for health and happiness with strong energy.

Seo Yu-jeong has been devoted to overseas activities since the exhibition of Qi-painting in Jeju Island last year. Painter Seo Yu-jeong said, "It's good to be able to communicate with people from various countries. Although the language is different, I think there is something I can feel even though I can't communicate. I'm grateful just for feeling that, and I hope people around the world will be healthy and happy with this opportunity," her said.

Currently, painter Seo Yu-jeong's Qi paintings are also interested in the Czech Republic and Romania. Seo Yu-jeong, who finished the Arizona exhibition smoothly in the first half of the year, will hold another exhibition of paintings in the United States this summer. An invitation to Qi paintings will be held in Vermont, located on the U.S.-Canada border, from August 1 to August 6. In particular, it is attracting more attention because it will be held at the Leading Meditation Center in Vermont, which is famous for its good environment.

Painter Seo Yu-jeong's paintings are basically paintings that give energy and luck, and more people have heard rumors and commissioned them at home and abroad. Seo Yu-jeong, an artist, said, "I wish my life would be happier with my paintings. In particular, early this year, I wanted to continue my global activities with good results through the U.S. exhibition. I hope you will show this painting to painting lovers in each country and understand the pride of Korea together," her said.


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<Seo Yu-jeong Award-winning experience>

2nd Korea Art Exhibition Special Selection

2nd Special Exhibition of Korean Art Exhibition

Award for Outstanding Work in the 100th Anniversary Exhibition of the March 1 Independence Movement

World Art Exhibition Gold Medal

Kaohsiung University of Taiwan Award for Best Performance 2 times

Venice Art Biennale Gold Award

Korea's 10 Artist Invitation Award

a shoulder-to-shoulder art dealer

Korea Inter-Korean Unification Arts Association Elected

Gold Medal of the Korea Unification Arts Association

Special Award for Land, Marine and Environmental Art Exhibition

National Marine Environmental Art Exhibition Encouragement Award

12th Korea Sharing Awards

2018 Korea Creative Culture and Arts Awards

Global Talent Sharing Volunteer Award

2018 Hallyu Cultural Contribution Awards

Asia Power Brand Awards

Mugunghwa Peace Prize

Korea BBS Buddhist Broadcasting President Award

twice as Speaker of the National Assembly

Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Award

2022 National Assembly Hallyu Culture Contribution Awards

President of the National Assembly at the International Art Exhibition


<Seo Yu-jeong's title and broadcast>

Qi a painter

Seoul Museum of Art

a full member of the Korean Fine Arts Association

South Korean art exhibitors

the first writer of the Hallyu Cultural Center

Chairman of the Korean Mugunghwa Art Association

Hyun Muk-hoe, Director of Western Painting Division

Chairman of the Korea Art Association's Steering Committee

Editorial Chairman of the Korea Natural Health Association

Chairman of the Foreign Cooperation Committee of the Future Heritage Culture Forum

Ambassador for Infinite Energy Group

a member of the Evergreen Art Society

Director of the Korea Economic Association

Appearing on KBS World Health Tour

TV Chosun Weekend Drama Revenge Picture Cooperation

JTBC drama "Law School" painting collaboration

a natural health cover painter

2017 Korea Economic Daily Report

Seo Yu-jeong's drawing on YouTube

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