Auto Global & Innocean launches Ev SafeCare ‘Go-to mobile charging stations’

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In June, Auto Global announced that it has completed the launch of its EV SafeCare &mobile charging station* service utilizing LTO batteries for mobile charging vehicles. According to the company, the K-battery-based service was in the process of completing development, undergoing in-depth internal testing, and finalizing the development of LTO cell-based battery packs. An official said ※The EV SafeCare &go-to-mobile charging station* was developed by Innocean and realized by Auto Global. With the passage of the regulatory sandbox this summer, we will complete the development of LTO cell-based battery packs and launch the service in the second half of this year. Customers will be able to use the app to charge, wash, steam, and perform minor maintenance anywhere in the country.


EV SafeCare nationwide

Go-to mobile charging stations

Mobile charging services have been around for a long time, with apps but no actual services. Auto Global and Innocean’s new mobile charging station allows users to simply open the car’s charging port through the app, and a dispatch team will charge the car directly, while keeping a close eye on the charging process through the app. Auto Global developed the demonstration vehicle body, and Innocean is in charge of overall development, including applications. After preempting the domestic market, EV Safe Care’s ‘mobile charging station’ is expected to expand its services to fully utilize mobile electric vehicles in some underdeveloped regions such as Southeast Asia.

EV SafeCare is only developing LTO cell-based battery packs and has five patents in progress, including packing, vehicle structure, and design, and has completed discussions with a large domestic insurance company. An official said “If EV SafeCare becomes popular, it will alleviate concerns about fumes and noise from fossil fuel cars.” Auto Global CEO Myunghoon Chung said “The fact that we’re using secondary batteries, and that we’re doing everything from packing to building the vehicles without outsourcing, is very exciting. Even in places where charging is not easy, including roadside assistance, we have the unique ability to charge vehicles anywhere in the country by simply making a reservation in advance using the app. We look forward to your interest and support.”


Further empowering in-house R&D

Establishing a second battery factory by 2025

Auto Global has announced plans to further strengthen its in-house R&D capabilities. The company launched the first Mercedes V-Class 300D high limousine in Korea in the first half of this year, adding to the expectations of JS Limousine, which is leading the specialty vehicle market. The company told us that it plans to launch an R&D business laboratory in Dongtan, Gyeonggi-do, along with a large-scale recruitment of development talent. The company conducts its own R&D and has a solid financial structure, and is promoting the establishment of a second battery factory with an area of about 16,528 square meters for operation in 2025. The company is promoting the establishment of a second battery factory with an area of about 16,528m2 for the purpose of operation in 2025, with its own R&D progress and solid financial structure. The company has also been selected as a preliminary business operator (Ceracomb, Hongjin, Auto Global) for the forklift electrification project and is preparing for a demonstration test at the Korea Institute of Civil Engineering and Building Technology. The company plans to focus on structural and electrical design and electrification renovation to launch a full-scale electrification pilot project in the second half of the year.


JS Limousine unveils Mercedes V-Class 300D High Limousine

Auto Global unveiled the newly launched Mercedes V Class 300D High Limousine on the JS Limousine YouTube platform, and it was well received. JS Limousine, which has been introducing high limousines mainly for carnivals, has been focusing on the continuous development of features such as the Mercedes Sprinter, V-Class, Lincoln Navigator, and Porsche Panamera, and with the launch of the V-Class 300D high limousine, and the brand has gained wings in luxury. The V-Class has a long and storied history at Mercedes and is still one of the best-selling cars in the lineup. JS Limousine, an automobile manufacturer officially certified by the Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs, has proven its customization skills with the exterior design of the V-Class 300D High Limousine, which is optimized for the Korean market and offers a variety of convenience options along with the luxury of the existing brand.

JS Limousine is a brand that has shown differentiation in the high roof system mounted on the top of the vehicle, applied for a patent for the development of the first seat-body combined frame for the 4th generation Carnival, and has built a solid career as a representative localization company for the Air Force Special Protocol Command through collaboration with Greenergy, the first LTO battery producer in Korea. In the first half of this year, it boasted reliability and safety as a VVIP private vehicle for various organizations including government offices. The JS Limousine is powered by LTO batteries, the next generation of secondary batteries. Auto Global’s exclusive cell supply agreement with Greenergy ensures a stable supply of batteries, and its differentiation has been passed on to the JS Limousine.


7th BEXCO Sports & Leisure & Golf Industry Expo

Excellent response from citizens of Busan

JS Limousine participated in the 7th BEXCO Sports & Leisure & Glof Industry EXPO held in Busan. The expo is held annually as an event that provides an overview of the latest products and trends in the sports and leisure industry. JS Limousine showcased an LTO battery experience booth for its AG Urban, Mercedes V Class, Diamant, Summit, and limousine models. JS Limousine team leader Taegyu Yoon said “We unveiled the AG Urban and Mercedes V-Class for the first time in Busan. The entry-level AG Urban is a great opportunity for us to get closer to consumers.” An official said “LTO batteries are attractive because the cells are pouchable and can be packed freely and fit into a wide range of body styles. It is used across the entire lineup, including the V-Class 300D High Limousine, and is safer and longer lasting. JS Limousine’s Hi-Loop System technology is also designed with passenger safety in mind, both front and rear.”

CEO Chung said “We are now expanding into the secondary battery-based ESS industry, which is a step up from Carnival Conversions. We have been continuously conducting R&D beyond our competitors in the conversion of foreign luxury cars. We plan to grow into a brand that can design battery packs, build vehicles, and design electronics, mechanisms, and packages.”

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