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A mineral is a single element that is itself a nutrient, a substance that no living organism on Earth, including humans, can synthesize on its own. As such, it is the most essential nutrient that must be consumed externally from meats, fish, vegetables, etc. There are 92 natural elements in nature, and about 82 of them are found in the tissues and fluids of the human body. The amount of minerals our bodies need is very small compared to organic matter, but without these trace minerals, our bodies cannot function normally.

In recent years, the quality of the soil has been declining, resulting in mineral deficiencies. The use of chemical fertilizers to increase agricultural yields has led to the loss of minerals in the soil. Yeomyung Bio is a company that supplies minerals extracted from natural rocks of Paleozoic geological formations such as Taebaek, Gangwon-do, using a special process. Monthly PowerKorea sat down with CEO Sukil Kang and learned the story.


▲ Yeomyung Bio / CEO Sukil Kang

Minerals make people and animals healthy

Making liquids with only the minerals life needs

Yeomyung Bio is a company that has developed a variety of food products using minerals manufactured using a special process from natural rocks in Korea’s Paleozoic geological formations. 

CEO Kang says “Minerals are essential catalysts for the metabolic processes that cycle through our bodies, so no matter how much you eat of the three macronutrients, if you’re deficient in minerals, your body will suffer.” The company has developed liquid minerals, which are made by treating natural rocks from Paleozoic geological formations such as Taebaek in Gangwon Province with a special process. The liquid minerals exclusively produced by Minestar in Korea are manufactured by firing at extremely high temperatures, stirring purified water, and cooling, and contain most of the minerals needed by humans and animals. The toxicity of special rocks and minerals has been completely removed through the nanization process, and only the highly active essential elements have been selected and extracted and converted into liquid form.

CEO Kang says “So far, we’ve been applying it broadly to create animal-related products, but we plan to refine it a bit more in the future.” Yeomyung Bio has several product lines and aims to make the world a healthier place with healthy food.


Keeping your pet healthy with minerals

Nyangsu Mengsu

One of the products developed by Yeomyung Bio is Nyangsu Mengsu. This product is a liquid mineral that is processed and diluted in the water that pets often drink.

The liquid minerals used here are differentiated from other products in terms of bioavailability and activity, and provide a variety of minerals that are essential in biometabolic processes. By ensuring that your pet is getting enough minerals, it will help improve their metabolic processes, which in turn will help reduce odors from feces and tears. In addition to helping with metabolic processes, it is also a great way to prevent and treat various skin conditions. It also helps maintain a healthy gut as much as it helps with bowel movements. 

Nyangsu Mengsu is a drinking water type that is convenient to feed, as it can be diluted 50:1 with water so that you can feed it naturally when your pets drink water. 


Liquid minerals for healthy agricultural, livestock and sea products

Development of minerals that make our body healthy

Yeomyung Bio has plans for not only pets, but also livestock and agricultural products. Feeding liquid minerals to your livestock, just like you would to your pets, will keep them healthy. The meat, eggs, and other livestock products from these animals are rich in minerals. That’s why the company is launching mineralized pork, chicken and eggs. The company has already launched mineral lettuce and mineral sprouts in the first half of this year and plans to expand to all produce. The company also plans to farm and ship mineral eels and halibut, and is developing products that can neutralize residual antibiotics and pesticides.

Yeomyung Bio has also developed a mineral label containing power minerals. The mineral label emits far-infrared radiation and raises the body’s temperature by one degree within an hour. Your body temperature is your immune system’s defense against disease, and when you’re unhealthy, parts of your body are often cooler. It’s been said that a one-degree increase in body temperature is associated with a fivefold increase in immunity. Far infrared light has been used before to help restore this lowered body temperature and restore immunity, and Yeomyung Bio has made it possible to do the same with a mineralized label.

The resulting mineral labels can be applied to a variety of products, including t-shirts, innerwear, shoes, hats, bags, comforters, mattresses, and more, in any design or marking. It is also heat transfer type, so it is easy to apply and stay functional even after washing.

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