Aircllight is the world’s first 99% sterilized plaza LED lighting

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Although social distancing has ended, the number of corona cases announced every day shows no signs of decreasing. In particular, as the number of people wearing masks decreases, the number of people who catch the flu and colds again increases, so indoor sanitization is still essential. Common bacteria, pathogenic bacteria, and suspended bacteria attached to dust or water vapor need to be further managed. Suspended bacteria multiply on their own, so if they are not maintained, they can quickly multiply in high concentrations indoors. Floating bacteria cause colds, flu, inflammation, and various diseases in the respiratory tract, mucous membranes, and skin. Therefore, indoor sterilization is no longer an option but a necessity.


Aircllight is the world’s first 99% sterilized plaza LED lighting

Established in 2018, Valkida is the first company in the world to develop Aircllight, an LED sterilization light using plasma.

It makes plasma wind to blow without a fan so that it reduces airborne germs in the air. Plasma refers to a state in which gas is heated to an ultra-high temperature state and separated into electrons and positively charged ions, and is used in fluorescent lamps or neon signs. Aircllight is a plasma module that realizes the plasma state to decompose water molecules in the air, generate plasma radicals, and destroy the cell membrane of the virus to sterilize it.

Sun-drying of laundry, for example, is also a sterilization using visible light from the sun, which is in a plasma state. Sterilization through plasma has been proven to be safe for a long time. Valkida applied this plasma sterilization to the lighting field for the first time in the world. The technology used in Aircllight is as safe for the human body as the technology used for skin care.

It sterilizes up to 99% of bacteria and viruses. In the antibacterial experiment conducted by The Korea Conformity Laboratories, Aircllight was certified to be effective in sterilizing Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, and Bacillus pneumoniae, and it was confirmed that 99.9% of pneumonia bacteria were sterilized within an 8 m³ space. This is especially effective against COVID-19 because it attacks the cell membrane of the virus directly through plasma radicals.


Semi-permanent use

KC safety and high efficiency certification

Aircllight has the versatility of light intensity, color temperature, and spatial antibacterial. A single light can cover an area of about 15 m² using convection diffusion.

It is also semi-permanent. The inside of the filter was hot and humid, which made it easy for bacteria and viruses to multiply, which reduced the sterilization effect. However, Aircllight does not have a filter or fan, so it blocks virus propagation and noise at the same time. The plasma module also continuously generates wind at a speed of 1 m/s, and it makes more energy efficient. In addition, this wind acts as a cooling function to cool the LEDs, so it can be used semi-permanently.

Aircllight has obtained KC safety and high efficiency certification for these features. Currently, only 6-inch recessed downlight products for simple installation are on the market, but the company is preparing to release a lamp-type product that can be installed without construction.

For the moment, Valkida is developing airborne bacteria reduction LED downlights for public restrooms where bacteria are easy to grow.

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