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▲ Daeshin PIC / CEO Sungwon Lee

IoT and big data are the two core technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Using these, technologies are being developed to predict and prevent disasters and accidents in advance. Daeshin PIC (CEO Sungwon Lee) is a company that is attracting attention by developing a big data-based IoT and ICT convergence electrical safety remote inspection monitoring solution that can predict and preemptively respond to safety accidents caused by electricity such as fire, power outage, and electric shock.

The solution is expected to contribute significantly to minimizing the social and economic damage caused by electrical accidents and ensuring the safety of the public, as negligent electrical safety management can lead to massive loss of life and property, including major fires and disruption of communication networks.


‘Electrical Safety Accident Prediction System’ developed with over 30 years of electrical control technology

Founded in 1999, Daeshin PIC has been excelling in the fields of switchboards, distribution panel manufacturing, and electrical control for over 30 years. Based on this technology, the company began developing the Electrical Safety Accident Prediction System eight years ago, which enables remote, non-face-to-face monitoring of electrical safety accidents.

“The development and utilization of remote monitoring systems to prevent electrical safety accidents has been started for a long time overseas. But in Korea, despite recognizing the need, it has been slow. With the recent increase in safety awareness and the strengthening of relevant laws and regulations, the development of technologies that can proactively respond to electrical safety accidents is in full swing.” points out Daeshin PIC CEO Sungwon Lee.

The company’s “Electrical Safety Remote Inspection Monitoring Solution” robotizes complex electrical infrastructure management using IoT and big data technologies. It is also characterized by data management and non-face-to-face remote inspection to predict and prepare for accidents.


Electrical Safety (Fire Prediction) Remote Inspection (Monitoring) Solution

The company’s ‘Electrical Safety (Fire Prediction) Remote Inspection and Monitoring Solution’ is a system that installs sensors in electrical equipment facilities such as distribution boards and switchboards to detect abnormal signals in the current, collects and analyzes data, and notifies the manager.

This technology detects and manages the possibility of fire in real time with sensors installed in plant and building floor distribution boards and electrical room switchboards. By installing analytical devices and ICT sensors of the Electrical Fire Prediction Solution on the distribution boards, pre-stage alarms are generated for the risk of critical accidents.

This includes quarterly breaker capacity and trip status, real-time display of voltage and current, three-phase leakage current and power, various electrical safety alarms, and notification of abnormal power quality hazards and locations.

Building managers can use their smartphones to monitor electrical installations anytime, anywhere, and understand where and why anomalies are occurring.

“Recently, there has been a spate of fires and telecommunications accidents caused by electricity. By installing our electrical safety remote monitoring system, these incidents can be prevented in advance. Rather than developing technology to put out fires after the incident, it is important to predict electrical safety accidents and identify the causes of accidents through self-diagnosis.” emphasizes Lee.


Patented technology, customized product development and delivery

Through continuous research and technology development, Daeshin PIC has been granted eight patents, including ‘Electric fire analysis and prediction system through intelligent pre-signal analysis,’ ‘Remote automatic control and monitoring panel with intelligent integrated pre-electric disaster analysis and safety self-diagnosis function,’ and ‘IoT-based real-time remote management and alarm dispatch system for each electricity receptor.’ The company has also applied for a patent for ‘Power usage real-time remote inspection analysis self-diagnosis and abnormal sign pre-warning alarm multi-power signal analysis system and device’.

The company has been recognized for its technology by being certified as a corporate research institute, venture company, and inno-biz, as well as receiving a citation from the Minister of Knowledge Economy, a citation from the Public Procurement Service, and a citation from the Ministry of SMEs and Startups.

Daeshin PIC offers solutions tailored to the needs of its customers and has developed and marketed 16 different products. The company provides customized solutions and maintenance services for lighting and street lighting management, buildings, plants, gymnasiums, steel mills, landmark buildings, multi-use facilities, and temples.

The company currently supplies, installs, and operates the ‘Abnormal Signs Leakage Current and Motor Failure Prediction System’ to Yongin Millennium Pressurization Plant Relocation Project, Chungju Waste Landfill System Installation Project, Seoul Seonam/Jungnang/Tancheon Water Reclamation Center, Korea Steel Changwon Plant, and Coupang Anseong Logistics Center (pilot project).

The company has installed and operated the Electric Fire Prediction System at more than 240 traditional temples, including Seokguram, registered with the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, as well as solar power plants and the Korea Rural Development Corporation. The company also operates the ‘Electric Fire Prediction System’ for low-pressure panels of solar power plants for the Korea District Heating Corporation.


Advancing artificial intelligence and big data technologies

In May, Daeshin PIC signed a business agreement with Kolon Benit, an IT service company of Kolon Group, to develop an IoT electrical safety predictive warning system. Through this agreement, the two companies plan to develop an integrated IoT monitoring system and an electrical safety predictive alarm system for the construction of large buildings and plant facilities.

This is because, according to the ‘Performance-oriented Design Guidelines of the Seoul Fire and Disaster Headquarters,’ which was revised and implemented in Seoul from January last year, it is mandatory to establish a preliminary remote inspection and constant monitoring system for electrical fires when constructing medium and large buildings, such as buildings of 30 floors or more and apartments of 50 floors or more.

“The safety consciousness in Korea is high. Starting with Seoul, the number of buildings subject to the mandatory electrical safety monitoring system will continue to expand nationwide. With this agreement, we will provide a more advanced system that incorporates AI deep learning technology.” says Lee.

Lee ads “We plan to develop sensing and analytics technologies for Industry 4.0. We want to make our solutions simpler and more affordable so that more facilities can deploy our systems to help build a safer electrical infrastructure.”

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