From waterproof to eco-friendliness with a single paint

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As an eco-friendly policy, the government is carrying out a cool roof project. Cool roof is a method of reducing roof heat by using paints that have the effect of reflecting or radiating the sun*s heat, thereby reducing indoor temperature and energy in summer. However, it has been pointed out that the paint used in the cool roof can cause environmental pollution.


From waterproof to eco-friendliness with a single paint

Jeongwoo Flow’s heat shielding and waterproof solutions

Jeongwoo Flow is Korea’s first eco-friendly heat-shielding waterproofing solution company. The company has improved the problem of weather resistance through waterproofing, and has continuously researched the development of green technology through eco-friendly products and construction methods. As a result, the company has developed a highly elastic water-based thermal waterproof and heat shielding paint.

The strength of this paint is that it is eco-friendly. Since the existing heat-shielding and waterproof coatings are oil-based, they have emitted carbon during the production process. However, this is a water-based paint and does not require thinner, and the four major heavy metals were not detected.

Above all, it is waterproof and heat-insulating at the same time, so the room temperature can be improved. In the case of ordinary heat-shielding paints, a waterproofing agent is applied and painted on top of it. Therefore, if there is damage on the surface, it will be sprayed again, so the heat shielding performance will be lost or reduced. In addition, even if the heat accumulates on the surface, it goes out, so it can prevent damage to the paint or deterioration. When applied to ceilings, it can reduce the temperature inside the building, reducing the energy for cooling. “The biggest advantage is that it can be converted into a structure that can save energy without energy input.” said Jeongwoo Flow CEO Beongsuk Park. Through these eco-friendly performances, the company’s thermal waterproofing was the first in Korea to receive the national organization standard for heat shielding coatings, the environmental label certification of solar radiation heat shielding coatings (1st and 3rd grade) for waterproof performance, and also received the heat shielding paint certification (CRRC) from the energy-saving paint certification body in the United States.


▲ Jeongwoo Flow / CEO Beongsuk Park

Easy and powerful heat-shielding

Various certifications and Public Procurement Service registration

Jeongwoo Flow’s thermal shielding waterproofing can be used not only for rooftops but also for exterior wall. “It can be applied to buildings and facilities, and even plastic structures can be done without any problems.” said Park.

Not only is it easy, but it is also very durable. The heat-shielding waterproofing can cope with cracks caused by the expansion and contraction of the building through its high elasticity and high elongation. It is highly elastic with an elongation rate of more than 900%, which is more than twice that of other paints, and has been recognized as suitable for 600 hours of accelerated weather resistance and 2,500 hours of heat shielding waterproof performance standards. It not only meets the standards of water resistance, alkali resistance, and moisture resistance, but also received the first grade for mold resistance. As it is highly durable, it can be maintained for a long time, so maintenance and repair costs are saved.

Oil paints are susceptible to fire. However, the thermal waterproofing is free from this problem because it uses water without thinner, and there is less risk of causing accidents.

The heat-resistant waterproofing has been certified in relation to environmental, innovative products, performance EPC, and technology development trial purchases, and is currently registered to the Public Procurement Service. “Our goal is to transform the current waterproofing market into an eco-friendly waterproofing market.” said Park.

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