Megabun is a mocha bread store just baked with crispy outside and soft inside Maximum profits thanks to simple cooking and instant produce and selling

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The size of the domestic bakery market, which was 3.7 trillion won in 2015, has risen significantly to 4.28 trillion won in 2020, and is still growing. Bread has now become more than just a snack and has become one of the undisputed meals, and many companies are dipping their toes into the bakery sector.

As the scale increases, so does the competition. Consumers no longer go to bakeries that simply look delicious or luxurious. People are attracted to delicious bread to the extent that menus such as cakes and bread sold in general cafes have emerged as a major factor for consumers to choose. It is important to have a flavor that will make people bite into the bread and make them come back to the bread once they have eaten it. Amid this bread fever, a mocha bread store famous for its hot mocha flavor, generous size, and delicious taste of the crispy-out and soft-in is attracting a lot of attention. Monthly PowerKorea met Megabun CEO Chungki Min and heard about the story.


Just baked savory mocha bread marches forward with increasing market share

The perfect crispy-out and soft-in

Sanchun, established last year, is the company that runs Megabun. It is a premium bakery and coffee take-out store managed by CEO Chungki Min. The flagship menu Plain Megabun is a perfect example of crispy-out, soft-in break with enchanting mocha flavor that stops passerby. One enchanted by the flavor, you might be surprised by the size of it. Megabun bakes this mocha bread every 4 hours for freshness. Other menus worth trying include butter, fresh cream strawberry, chocolate Megabuns that are baked from early morning in every 4 hours. Thanks to this, regulars are increasing day by day.

Fresh cream Megabun in particular is much loved by young break lovers for crispiness and full of cream. You might want to try recently released plain cookie also.


Top quality coffee beans and beverages

Megabun is but mocha bun

Megabun uses top quality coffee beans and offers 33 kinds of drinks season by season. Though top quality, the price is good. 7 Megabun stores are in operation at the moment and the number is increasing. Megabun focused on mocha bun and started with pop-up store in department stores and moved onto road shops. Its taste and good price earned a good share of popularity.


Short training and little initial capital to run a store

One of the advantages of selling a single item is that it gives the business expertise. In order to make the process easy and smooth, the head office supplies raw bread for the store chefs to just bake and give toppings. CEO Min explains “If you knead the flour yourself, crack the eggs, and do all the processes yourself in the store, the manufacturing difficulty increases. In addition, mistakes can be made during complex manufacturing processes. That’s why we provide raw bread at the head office, and we bake it right away with the toppings at the store and sell it.” When it comes to baking, if the ingredients or portions in the recipe are wrong, completely different bread often comes out. Megaburn has eliminated all of these anxiety factors.

Megaburn doesn’t take long to learn, and it doesn’t require a lot of in-store workspace. It also doesn’t require a lot of staff. Above all, it specializes only in takeout, so you only need to worry about manufacturing and sales, so it is possible to start a business with a small number of people. Launched in August 2020, Megaburn has sold 3 million units by May 2022 and has generated more than 10 billion sales. Currently, all stores are operated in about 33 square meters, and although sales vary slightly depending on the business area, they record monthly sales of about 50~80 million won.

▲ Megabun / CEO Chungki Min

Min says “In the bakery market, success is determined by brands that give true taste and flavor. Megaburn will grow with the store owner with small investment, big profit, and the best brand value.”

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