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As modern society has become more complex, the need for convergence in the technological field is also emerging. In particular, society is undergoing upheavals through pandemics, global economic crises, and wars, and in order to overcome them, management, technology, and culture are intermingling to change society. As such, convergence capabilities are considered essential for global competitiveness.


▲ Twenty OZ / CEO Chan Yoon

Always creating technology for people

Development of new technologies with SW·SI capabilities

Twenty OZ (CEOs Chan Yoon and Yongseok Lee) is a software development company driven by ICT convergence software developers with more than 10 years of expertise in the field.

The company has industrial software development and SI development capabilities, and based on this, it has built an energy and facility management system and has a track record of developing KDIS Pockets. KDIS Pocket is a mobile notebook app that allows you to view information of students and faculty members, including graduates, and is greatly helpful in forming a network through information exchange. The company is conducting various projects such as KOTRA open source-based infrastructure conversion project and NAVER data sensor solution core technology development. 

Twenty OZ also has simulation, AI, and game development capabilities. The company has been conducting digital content research for more than three years, and in 2018, it won the Best Paper Award at the Spring Academic Conference on “Classification of Game Elements and Mechanisms that Induce Hyper-Immersion.” The company has high-realism simulation technology using game engines such as Unreal 4 and Unity3D, as well as the latest rendering technology, and real-time 3D rendering technology using Korean geographic information. With the development philosophy of ‘always creating technology for people’, the company is presenting national research projects, technology localization and globalization, user participation, CMS combined with humanities, and entertainment content for the elderly.


Developing a VR metaverse platform with convergence technology

Replacing overseas VR metaverse platforms

Twenty OZ has its own metaverse platform, VIVEN. VIVEN is a VR-based real-time simultaneous access metaverse platform that can provide entertainment, tourism, experience, and even education. The company plans to further improve this VIVEN and launch a metaverse platform in the third quarter of this year with artificial intelligence technology and solutions to build a metaverse environment online.

The metaverse platform being developed by the company aims to replace overseas VR metaverse platforms with VR functions. Since the VR metaverse platform is the main platform from overseas, it is not very accessible, and various social problems such as racial discrimination are occurring. The company is trying to remedy this situation. 

The company does not create a simple and similar digital twin, but has the ability to receive information from customers and proceed through a digital twin with almost no errors. In general, digital twins are created by 3D scanning method using equipment, and they are often limited to visual spaces where it is difficult to interact between real and virtual spaces. However, the company directly builds a virtual space to build a space where interaction is possible. In addition, Twenty OZ has the capability to develop EMS and ICT technology, and is developing it as a metaverse platform that can be accessed by general PCs and VR. A company official said, “We also plan to implement support for a variety of commercial sensor equipment.”


Fostering talents in cooperation with Kyunghee University

Developing technologies for the world to take the next step

Twenty OZ aims to be an educational platform. The goal is to allow students to experience and learn things that they cannot experience in reality through Twenty OZ’s digital twin technology and metaverse contents. CEO Yoon says “We’re implementing learning contents where students go inside the reactor and try out the machines, dangerous experiments, and practice operating the machines.”

These educational platforms can be used not only for students but also for employees, and Twenty OZ is working with Kyunghee University to improve the quality of education. The company’s metaverse platform will be used as the first metaverse platform of the university.

The company is also working hard to nurture and secure human resources for this development. Both parties are recruiting useful talent through university internship programs, and the company is looking for desired students through external lectures. CEO Yoon says “We aim to provide a safer, more accessible educational environment. We also want to develop technologies that can help the world take the next step by integrating various technologies that have not yet been able to create synergy.”

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