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The number of CCTVs installed and operated in Korea is estimated to be more than 15 million, and it is rapidly increasing by more than 10% every year. As the number of CCTVs increases, security is becoming more and more intense, but the number of management personnel is not up to par. In public institutions, hundreds or even thousands of CCTVs are in operation, making it difficult for people to keep track of each one. For this reason, the use of smart CCTVs that combine artificial intelligence, big data, and IOT is increasing. When intelligent smart CCTV detects abnormal behavior and determines that a problem has occurred, it automatically performs primary processing according to the system and even plays a role in notifying the control personnel immediately. Amid this increasing demand for smart CCTVs, BNS is making a strong presence in the field. Monthly PowerKorea sat down with CEO Beongoh Beon and learned cutting edge technologies.


T-Series, excellent in low-light environments

A smart and human-only body-sensitive security solution

BNS opened business in 2021 under the name Wawa Network with its focus on CCTV development. Reopening as BNS in 2019, the company is now focusing on smart CCTV.

The company boasts solid intellectual history and continuous R&D that will find better solutions. The IP Camera T-Series is one of them. The T-Series is a high-sensitivity star-level sensor that provides excellent image quality even in low light due to defects in noise reduction technology on both time and space. It provides not only face capture, but also intelligent monitoring, full-time full-color capabilities. In addition to Starlight and Superstarlight, Color Maker cameras provide full-color images 24 hours a day, and a large amount of light can be obtained even in low-light environments, so more information is provided in each scene through the generated color images. The company’s body detection security solution recognizes human movement on the screen and identifies objects.

The existing night vigilance and security system was a type of light that turned on when motion was detected. Since the searchlight was activated with a simple movement, there were complaints. “Leaving the searchlight on during the night caused the plants to wither. So we improved this part and developed a solution by equipping the camera with two IRs: a white IR and a red IR.” explains CEO Beon. This is done in infrared mode, which is usually based on red IR at night, and when detecting a human body, white IR is activated and changed to white light mode to identify the target. Using AI technology, it does not respond to the movement of vehicles or animals, but only to the movement of the human body. “The white light comes on to warn you, and you can change the black and white screen to four different colors so you can see the intruder, the color of the car, and even the ethnicity.” explains Beon.


Optimal smart security camera: PTZ camera

Omnidirectional beamforming provides long-range wireless video solutions

PTZ is an abbreviation for Pan Tilt Zoom, which is a camera that can remotely adjust rotation and zoom. The advantage of this is that it is possible to observe the movement of the photographed object or to monitor a large area by rotating or zooming where necessary. “It’s nice to have multiple fixed cameras, but it’s expensive. But these PTZ cameras can do 360-degree surveillance, so we can cover that cost.” points out Beon.

PTZ cameras use the Starlight function to achieve clear image quality even at night, and can magnify 25x, 33x, 36x, or 44x depending on the product. Thanks to these performances, PTZ cameras are installed in power plants, substations, roads, highways, security facilities, and large enterprises.

▲ BNS / CEO Beongoh Beon

BNS provides a solution that transmits images wirelessly over long distances with omnidirectional beamforming. This solution automatically secures a channel with good signal strength to transmit video continuously, and it can also transmit and receive in both directions. It uses WPA2 and AES256 for wireless transmission to prevent hacking. “This is great for construction in open areas without the need to lay tracks. You can share video between cameras like wireless Wi-Fi. 

“We will become a company that thinks and prepares one step ahead through our expertise and service plans.” says Beon.

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