Buheung Medical, a pioneer in the domestic medical device 43 years of single road and the frequency therapy conquering the world market

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The global home care market is growing rapidly. According to industry survey results at the end of last year, the domestic home care market was estimated at 10 trillion won. This year, the growth trend continues and is expected to grow even more steeply due to the increase in the elderly age group.

The US home care market is expected to record high growth of 6% over the next five years due to an unprecedented increase in the elderly population. Related companies are moving fast to meet the demand and CVS Health, a healthcare company that owns CVS Pharmacy, the largest retail pharmacy in the United States, for example, acquired Signify Health, a home care service company, for $8 billion last year. In addition to CVS Health, Amazon and United Health Group showed interest in acquiring Signify Health, reflecting expectations for the growth of the US home care industry.

As such, the home care market is growing rapidly around the world, but domestic home care technology is still at its infant. In particular, technology for medical treatment devices that can be used at home is almost non-existent. A domestic small and medium-sized company, that has been researching home medical treatment devices for a long time and exported them overseas for the first time, recently is attracting attention for its excellent technology. PowerKorea met Buheung Medical CEO Meongkun Moon and learned the story.


Buheung Medical, immersed in research and development of medical treatment devices for 43 years, developed Korea’s first home medical treatment device

Founded in 1980, Buheung Medical has been immersed in research and development of medical treatment devices for 43 years. The company is producing home treatment devices for the first time in Korea and continues to export the products to more than 30 countries around the world. The company focuses on personal medical devices to secure expertise and supplies innovative products to the global home care market through thorough clinical trials and quality verification. The company has obtained more than 50 multinational patents and world-leading certifications such as European CE, US FDA, ISO 9001 and ISO 13485.

Buheung Medical has tremendous technology and know-how, especially for frequency electrotherapy. The company has the world’s best technology in the field of electrotherapy, such as interference wave electrotherapy, high frequency, medium frequency, and low frequency, and is currently the most known company as a ‘frequency medical device manufacturer’ in the global medical device market. Buheung Medical is expanding its business areas to various pain treatments as well as obesity, urinary incontinence, and prostate treatments by utilizing such technology and know-how.


▲ Buheung Medical / CEO Meongkun Moon

‘Free Q’, the only wireless frequency therapy device in the world

Proven various effects such as chronic/temporary pain relief and physical therapy using interfering waves

Buheung Medical’s flagship product, ‘Free Q’, is a multifunctional frequency stimulator that has been patented in Korea as well as in the world’s advanced countries for medical devices. It is the only wireless frequency therapy in the world. The company has all patents for the wireless method, frequency modulation method, frequency output method, and frequency penetration method applied to Free Q. Through these patents, the company is promoting the technology of Korean medical devices abroad and leading the domestic medical treatment device industry.

Free Q is a treatment device that can be used at home by using a high hz frequency in the method of adsorption and modulation frequency to bring out the effect to deeper areas. It has a total of five functions: ﹦chronic pain relief/temporary pain relief ﹦muscle fiber stimulation/nerve stimulation ﹦physical therapy ﹦I.C.T/medium frequency/low frequency/electronic acupuncture equipment ﹦adsorption medical device effect.

If long-term and fundamental treatment is needed, the interfering wave (I.C.T) function can be used. It is used as if enveloping the painful area and is very effective for long-term treatment. From sudden pain caused by an accident to pain caused by chronic disease, it can be controlled and treated. When you are tired, you can recover through electronic acupuncture and low-frequency programs. Electronic acupuncture is the most effective way to temporarily reduce pain, and you can get a light body and mind with just a few minutes of use.

Buheung Medical CEO Meongkun Moon explains “Free Q is a device used to relieve muscle pain by using low-frequency current generated from a low-frequency generator by operating a wireless controller. It is possible to control the waveform mode, intensity, output start/stop, etc. of low frequency current through button manipulation of the wireless controller, and several (up to 30) low frequency generators can be controlled with one wireless controller. The transmission/reception method of the wireless controller and the low-frequency generator uses an infrared communication method. There are also no wires and no adhesive gel pads. Depending on the area of use and symptoms, it can be used by adjusting the strength, and it does not irritate the skin at all because there is no need for adhesive gel.” Free Q is currently being exported as a medical treatment device to 18 countries around the world, including the US and Japan.


‘Free M’, vibration stimulation to the core of the body with specialized medical frequency stimulation

Over 1 million units sold in Japan alone, demonstrating excellent effects and high stability

‘Free M’ is a medical device that stimulates muscles and nerves in the area the user wants to use through simultaneous stimulation of vibration and frequency. It is a product that has been approved as a Class 2 medical device by domestic KFDA as well as by Japan, Europe, and provides unique vibration stimulation and specialized medical frequency stimulation. It has the same effect as a hand massage as the two heads move asymmetrically. The vibration motion of the TAR motor system is designed to work not only on the epidermis but also on the core of the body. It uses a specially designed motor, the pad is semi-permanent as it does not require replacement, and it is made of a free-size belt with high elasticity and high strength, so anyone can use it easily regardless of body size. Free M is designed for effective I.C.T. It is equipped with a special carbon pad that supports precise frequency and output. The frequency penetrates deep into the skin and maximizes its effect. It has an optimal design for effective I.C.T. This is a frequency that occurs at the point where two or more different medium frequencies cross, and it can achieve a better effect than the existing low frequency. I.C.T is an effective treatment method used not only in Korea but also in medically advanced countries such as Europe, and is the first treatment method developed by CEO Moon. Moon says “Free M is a product manufactured through long experience and research from material to shape for the best effect through vibration and frequency stimulation. It is made of a special belt centered on ergonomics, so it can be applied to various parts of the body and has strong durability and a function to prevent dripping.” Free M is sold over 1 million units in Japan alone, and its effectiveness and safety are recognized.


Korea’s first urinary incontinence treatment device ‘Dr. Lady’

Excellent effect on urinary incontinence and muscle strengthening, 100% effect after 4 weeks of treatment until the end of treatment

Another main product of Buheung Medical is ‘Dr. Lady’. Dr. Lady is Korea’s first urinary incontinence treatment medical device. Successful results were obtained in clinical trials related to urinary incontinence, sexual function, and premenstrual syndrome. (Clinical institutions: Seoul St. Mary’s Hospital, Uijeongbu St. Mary’s Hospital, Gangdong Sacred Heart Hospital). Dr. Lady succeeded in publishing an SCI clinical thesis (Effect of low-Frequency intravaginal electrical stimulation on female urinary incotinence, qualita of life, and urinary symptoms) for the first time in Asia and the second in the world.

Clinical trial results are as follows: ﹦ 83.78% improvement in urinary incontinence, improvement in urinary incontinence and unpredictable urinary incontinence after treatment types ﹦ 100% effect from 4 weeks to the end of treatment for all patients during treatment ﹦ More than half of all patients request for continued use of the device ﹦Improved muscle fiber contraction ﹦Improved vaginal muscle contraction ﹦Improved physical limitations, social limitations, and personal relationships ﹦Very meaningful improvements in all areas, such as emotional improvement, sleep and vitality, severity, and urinary incontinence shock role limitation ﹦Menstrual syndrome ease.

Dr. Lady consists of 6 probu programs and 2 external pad programs. In the case of 6 probu programs, the probu is inserted into the vagina to treat diseases such as stress urinary incontinence and urgency urinary incontinence while stimulating the surrounding muscles and nerves through the function and combination of frequency, heat, and microvibration. In addition, the two user-customized external pad programs can relieve pain caused by muscle stiffness and tension during menstruation. It also has the effect of improving intrauterine cyst symptoms by raising the temperature in the vagina and improving the blood flow, and also has a 99.9% sterilization effect with the built-in UV sterilization lamp. 

It can be treated with a program specialized for each age group from 10 to 50, and the AI-based skin contact recognition system automatically turns off the power when an abnormal situation occurs.

Moon says “Dr. Lady is a ‘wearable medical device’ that can be used in everyday life, and can be worn on T-shirts, sweaters, knitwear, skirts, pajamas, and underwear, so it can be used easily and conveniently anytime, anywhere.” Dr. Lady is used in domestic university hospitals, urology departments, and obstetrics and gynecology departments. It is in the process of receiving approvals in the United States, Japan, France, England, and Germany.


Recognized in more than 40 countries, Buheung Medical puts safety above anything else

Growing to be a global company

Buheung Medical strives to develop new products and continuously improve performance and quality, and is currently exporting products to about 40 countries including the United States and Europe. The company puts safety first. The reason is that they are medical treatment devices used by an unspecified number of people at home. Moon put even more effort into R&D and clinical tests when the IMF hit the nation in late 1990s. He also made more aggressive investments in clinical trials and product development, although the margin on exports increased due to the high exchange rate. The fruits are now shining even more brightly as a result. Moon says “We develop medical devices for patients. We have been walking single way for a long time and our goal is to become a global company.”

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