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Communication between control rooms to the sites

Aurora is an IP emergency bell broadcasting system

Founded in 2016 with the motto of “Always moving forward together,” Withgenie provides a variety of software solutions such as emergency bells, smartphone camera control solutions, and enclosure control systems.

The company is developing all products with excellent technology from software to hardware, and one of them is the IP emergency bell broadcasting system Aurora.

Aurora is a system that connects the local government control center and the site to implement a mutual call function, and when exposed to various crimes or dangers, you can call the control center by pressing the emergency button to ask for help. The control center can immediately check the location of the emergency bell in the event of a situation, share information through two-way communication, and prevent crime through real-time monitoring. Certain models can also quickly respond to situations through voice recognition in dangerous situations. “The face and movements of the perpetrator are revealed through the camera, which can have a great effect when a particular incident occurs. In fact, local governments often inquire about additional introduction after confirming the effect.” says Withgenie CEO Wooik Lee.

Aurora can deliver various broadcasting services required for the site by time zone and area from the control center, and can set up multiple broadcasting groups for each purpose to broadcast. Withgenie provides an emergency bell broadcasting system according to the conditions suitable for each local government to use, and its safety and flexibility are highly evaluated.


Smart information anytime anywhere

SMART CITY mobile application

Withgenie’s SMART CITY is a mobile application that allows you to check the information you need for your life anytime, anywhere. It helps to effectively respond to emergencies with CCTV through smartphones when you are in a situation caused by a natural disaster, and you can check information in real time.

You can check the location of the cardiac defibrillator, the location of various CCTVs installed in the district, as well as the location of the electric charging station for convenience and various weather and fine dust information in the district.

In addition, there is a sky view function that allows you to check the landmarks of each area through CCTV. The company provides new and original smart city applications for each local government through customized functions and users’ special designs, and CEO Lee said, “In the future, we plan to develop more and more products so that citizens can feel advantages of SMART CITY.”


Prevention of security leakage in controlled areas

Smartphone camera control solution: ZIKIM

If outsiders enter banks, server rooms, or research institutes, it is forbidden to take photos through smartphones for security purposes. In this case, the most common method is to put tape to cover the camera lens or turn it off, but this is problematic because it is a method that should be left to the conscience of the individual. To solve this situation, Withgenie has developed a smartphone camera control solution ZIKIM, which controls smartphone cameras in controlled areas.

ZIKIM essentially blocks the function of smartphone cameras, making it impossible to use all camera apps, and monitors visitor information, check-in and check-out times, and reasons for visits in real time. ZIKIM technology has obtained GS 1 grade, the highest level of software quality certified by the Telecommunications Technology Association (TTA). It can be used both in iOS and Android. Withgenie’s WITHKEY also provides an enclosure control system. In October, the company won the Minister of Small and Startups Prize at the 14th National Congress of Disabled Entrepreneurs held in 2019. Withgenie secured corporate competitiveness through continuous technology development and aggressive marketing, and also practiced sharing management through various social activities.

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