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▲ Nine Communication / CEO Yoo Young-jae

Through various IT technologies such as digital twins and metaverses, time and space limits are gradually disappearing. Now, the metaverse, which lives like reality in a virtual space, and the digital twin, which directly manipulates the real space through the virtual space, have become technologies that can be easily seen, and various contents are emerging based on this. These technologies are trying to break down the boundaries between reality and virtuality beyond the constraints of time and space. One such area of technology is holograms.

Hologram is a technology that displays three-dimensional images, and it is a technology that goes one step further from the two-dimensional images. Unlike 2D, holograms can convey to people the feeling of being next to them in real life, and the effect can be maximized. Due to these advantages, many companies are introducing holographic technologies.


From 2D to 3D

Proto-Epic is a real-time interactive holoportation

Nine Communication (CEO Yoo Young-jae) is a market-leading early adopter and provides online and offline solutions in the fields of advertising and medical devices. Nine Communication which quickly introduces new technologies and provides a variety of solutions for its customers, has signed a deal with U.S. startup Portle to launch Proto-Epic, a real-time interactive holoportation. Proto-Epic won the Innovation Award at CES 2022 and 2023 for a device that enables two-way real-time communication by shooting in 4K and transmitting in 5G at the same time. 

It can be transmitted and controlled from anywhere in the world through its own platform, and it displays people in a 1:1 ratio, making it seem as if people are really together. A company official says “With Proto-Epic, you can express everything you’ve ever dreamed of. You can interact with digital humans, animals and objects in a three-dimensional space.”

It is possible to simply send a video of yourself and send a video of your avatar. Using Snapchat, real-time AR digital facial masks can be matched, and through this, interactive avatars in the form of digital masks are realized. This technology can also realistically recreate deceased or past figures through deepfakes.


Providing virtual digital contents

High end Proto M is to be released first half of the year

Nine Communication is confident that Proto-Epic will play a very important role in this emerging age of non-facial trade. Proto-Epic can deliver reality immersive contents to people, not VR AR, and can be used as a device for exhibition conventions as well as NFT displays with 3D holographic representations. In addition, it can create contents similar to real live concerts through real-time video transmission. The official says “With Proto-Epic, you can create a hall within a virtual exhibition space where you can display your work.”

The created contents can be quickly transferred to anywhere in the world through the Cloud mobile system and the proto-cloud. Proto-Epic’s features are highly appreciated by customers who want to take advantage of digital twin technology. In the first half of this year, Nine Communication will launch the Proto M, a high-end model miniaturized of the Proto-Epic, in Korea.

The company provides optimized marketing strategies to domestic hospitals and companies, and provides all-inclusive solutions from medical institution opening notification, fire inspection and employee recruitment to employee training.

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