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▲ Hanjoong Fundamental Industry / CEO Dukbong Song

Hanjoong Fundamental Industry is a company developing, producing, and selling agricultural and civil engineering facility materials. For more than 30 years, CEO Dukbong Song has been producing and developing products that can contribute to the development of domestic agriculture and industry.

The company received support from the research centers of the Korea Rural Corporation and the Federation of Agricultural Land Improvement Societies, and has supplied irrigation and canal materials. The Korea Rural Corporation and the Rural Development Administration jointly developed the patented Green Bee Integrated Fountain Door Technology and Hanjoong Fundamental Industry has used it to develop and sell unparalleled products.

All of the company’s products are standardized, which is inexpensive compared to the quality of the products, can be easily installed by anyone, and can shorten the construction period. They are semi-permanent and require little maintenance.


A wide range of advantages and features

Being the center of attention in the field

Developed in April 2020, the smart emergency blocking floodgate is a product that can block and prevent the leakage of dangerous substances at an early stage. Even in the event of a power outage, managers can use smartphones to manage hazardous chemicals. Unlike ordinary sluice gates, it has excellent watertightness and is made of non-corrosive materials such as MC nylon, silicone, and EPDM based on SUS, so it has semi-permanent characteristics.

It is not only easy to replace the standard sluice gate in one piece, but also the construction is fast and simple. It is a new technology suitable for the Korean New Deal project, and it received great attention in exhibitions and many companies showed interest.

The all in one product is a patented utility model jointly developed by the Rural Development Administration and Hanjoong Fundamental Industry. The product is designed to rotate the spindle in place to prevent rainwater and dust from entering the screw spindle part, and has silicone watertight packing attached to the front MC guide plate, so it has excellent water tightness.

“The Green Bee Integrated Fountain Door is corrosion-free because it uses strence and copper. It can also be assembled, making it easy to change parts, and the handle operation is rotated in place, so it is flexible, and the opening and closing speed is about twice as fast.” explains CEO Dukbong Song. 


Product registration and patent application secured with excellence

Winning 2020 This Year Quality Satisfaction Index 1 & Technological Innovation Award

Another product of the company, the Green Bee Water Supply Switch, is made of a special material that does not rust, so it does not corrode and has the characteristics of not being burned. This product has the same strength as metal products, and it is fast to open and close, so it is possible to quickly adjust the desired amount of water, and the product is made to insert clapboard, which has the advantage of saving water by more than 30%. It is also much lighter in weight than metal products, making it easy to construct, and the product is sturdy and can be used semi-permanently once installed.

The company has proven its excellent technology by registering and applying patents for screw-type fountain gates installed in water channels, water supply opening and closing devices for agricultural waterways, reservoir transverse hoisting machines, and sluice gates for water sources. For these excellent achievements, Hanjoong Fundamental Industry stood alongside winners of the 2020 This Year Quality Satisfaction Index 1 & Technological Innovation Award.

The company has received great attention in a number of exhibitions and will continue its technological advance. 

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