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Building trust with easy and comfortable treatment

Focus on preventive care

As more and more people are adopting a single-person, solitary lifestyle during the pandemic, and the number of dinks has increased for a variety of reasons, including economic concerns, pets are becoming important parts of the family. As the pet population has grown rapidly, so has the importance of facilities and services for them as well as the interest and importance of pet healthcare.

My Friend Animal Hospital, located in Siheung, has been in business for three years and has established itself as the neighborhood’s go-to veterinarian and a friendly place to visit.

Director Gwanghoon Kim is a primary care physician who focuses on prevention and treatment, and is committed to consultative care that emphasizes communication with clients.

“Animal hospitals are divided into primary hospitals, which focus on preventive and non-hospitalization care, and secondary hospitals, which provide more serious care. My Friend Animal Hospital is a primary hospital that focuses on preventive, curative care, and pays special attention to treatments that can help pets avoid illness. Our focus is on treatment and preventative care, and we make sure that our consultations are comfortable and understandable for pet owners. We’re trying to eliminate as much medical jargon as possible and communicate practical prevention in a way that’s easy for people to understand.” says Kim


▲ My Friend Animal Hospital / Director Gwanghoon Kim

Customized treatment and solutions

Quick diagnosis, appropriate action, and easy-to-understand counseling

With his experience as a cram school instructor and elementary school teacher, Kim aims to customize his counseling to fit the client’s personality and level.

“For clients who need a detailed explanation, I make it easy for them to understand the animal’s condition, what causes it, and how to prevent it. For clients who don’t have time or want a quick consultation, I get to the point and give pet owners accurate information and knowledge.”

My Friend Animal Hospital runs a system of consultation, diagnosis, procedure, treatment, and aftercare, and has steadily increased the number of regular customers, establishing itself as a reliable primary care provider for Siheung residents.

“We try to be very specific so that pet owners can understand what to do with different symptoms in their pets. We use concrete examples and easy-to-understand terms instead of complicated medical jargon to help pet owners understand. It’s also important to diagnose quickly and refer to a secondary hospital, so if the owner doesn’t understand the situation, it’s my job to convince them to take the necessary steps for their pet.”


Training young veterinarians and building a healthy pet culture

A family doctor in my neighborhood

Kim reads extensively to build helpful knowledge from psychology to communications. He will be publishing a book that will be of practical help to veterinarians, with real-life examples gathered from running an actual veterinary practice and guidelines that can be applied to different cases.

As a veterinarian, he dreams of training juniors who share his values and philosophy and expanding the branch together. This is his sincere desire to contribute to creating a happy life with pets.

My Friend Animal Hospital will continue to be a neighborhood doctor, providing a healthy lifestyle for pets and their owners. 

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