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Whether it is crime prevention, facility management, or traffic management, CCTV is responsible for safety in various places, both at home and abroad. However, it is difficult to take immediate action on the incident because the manager has no choice but to watch the video and confirm that the incident occurred.

In order to solve these problems and reduce the burden on operation management, 4th industry technologies such as AI are being introduced to CCTV. Wookyoung Information Technology possesses these technologies and is moving fast to apply them in the field. The company is leaping forward as an AI+X platform leader by covering video analysis and management as well as video security through ABC technology.


A leader in video security

Wookyoung Information Technology

Founded in 2008, Wookyoung Information Technology started with cyber security and has grown into a video security analysis company, introducing various AI solutions and services related to social safety.

The company has been conducting research in the field of video security using deep learning technology since 2013, earlier than other companies. As a result, the company has secured capabilities in core ABC (AI, Big Data, Blockchain, Cloud) vision technologies and has developed and launched various artificial intelligence-based solutions and platforms. One of them is SECUWATCHER, an intelligent video information security solution built on video export/encryption. SECUWATCHER encrypts and stores video information taken in the CCTV control center, and performs export, forgery prevention, and leakage detection. It works in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Act, which completely protects personal information and provides high-speed encryption/decryption in high-definition large-capacity images as well as permission-based information give out. SECUWATCHER is divided into an external video export application module, a video export (personal privacy protection function), and a video encryption module, which are optimized to link with the CCTV control system. The company also showcased the hospital operating room CCTV solution SECUWATCHER for OR.

In addition, the company has developed MOSAICER, a cloud-based image de-identification web service to prevent the disclosure of personal information in videos. MOSAICER easily and quickly mosaics a variety of images, and applies identification/de-identification to people, faces, vehicles, and license plates.


From video analysis to site and asset management

Covering all areas of video related

Wookyoung Information Technology’s VISCOPER is a system that uses deep learning-based video analysis algorithms to detect and re-identify people and vehicles in CCTV images to track their movement routes and search for high-definition large-capacity CCTV images. Using this, it is possible to analyze CCTV images for multiple purposes, and to quickly take first action on incidents and accidents.

The company has also developed VISCOPER, an AI wildlife detection solution that locates wildlife from images captured by CCTV and trap cameras and analyzes specific object appearances, frequencies, and events. VISCOPER can help detect wildlife as well as prevent infectious diseases caused by wild animals. Thanks to this, it is widely used in national forests. The company’s FIREWATCHER is a forest fire detection system that detects smoke rather than flames on multi-channel CCTV with deep learning video analysis. FIREWATCHER detects smoke and helps to speed up initial response. In order not to detect false smoke such as clouds or fog, deep learning is also loaded.

SAFEWATCHER, which is used for social safety, is a GIS-based intelligent industrial safety management solution. It connects the worker’s location, biometric information, various sensors, and CCTV to analyze and respond to the situation. SAFEWATCHER can manage workers, organizations, sites, resources, areas, and heavy equipment, and gives real-time equipment collision prediction/analysis and warning alarms as well as sharing the images of dangers in the site. ASSETWATCHER, also developed by the company, is a GIS-based CCTV asset management solution that provides integrated equipment, manpower, and failure management.


DARA, an integrated AI video analysis platform

Growing into an AI+X platform leader

The 6th AI Expo Korea was held at COEX, Seoul last month. Wookyoung Information Technology presented various solutions with Dara, a cloud-based AI image analysis integrated platform, under the theme of ‘Safety & Smart World by Ai dara’ at the expo.

Dara is a service that uses the company’s AI engine (AI dara) by utilizing the GPU resource pool of the cloud infrastructure. Based on the real-time image analysis function, it analyzes people and vehicle objects and provides selective control, NVR, and face recognition. Because Dara is AI-based, direct management burden is low and on-premise cloud is available, providing an efficient environment tailored to users. It also supports mobile as well as web through a UX environment optimized for the device. Services of various companies are provided in the form of modules, and even video export services are provided where personal video information is perfectly protected.

▲ Wookyoung Information Technology / CEO Yunha Park

Starting with Dara, Wookyoung Information Technology is building and expanding Wcloud, expanding the global market, expanding ABC business sales, applying and expanding B2G-B2B and B2C. Through this, the company is growing from an AI video solution specialist to a global AI+X platform leading company.

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