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Recently, deglobalization has emerged as a major global keyword. The move away from globalization and internationalization is accelerating through the US-China trade war and the Russia-Ukraine war since the Brexit in the UK in 2016. Since the Cold War, trade between countries, which has been active due to rapid globalization and supply and demand, is being reconsidered.

In line with the deglobalization movement, the most important thing to look at is energy independence. It is impossible for Korea to become energy independent without a drop of oil, but it is possible to increase its self-reliance. Governments are making tremendous efforts to expand renewable energy, which is in line with the global goal of protecting the environment. But what’s more important is to reduce the amount of energy wasted unnecessarily.

In fact, South Korea is pursuing a “carbon neutrality by 2050” policy that aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to zero. In this atmosphere, a company that has developed a technology that can innovatively reduce energy consumption in the industrial heat exchanger, one of the world’s seven largest energy-consuming devices, is attracting a lot of attention. Monthly PowerKorea met Daemyung Engineering CEO Keongjae Shin and heard the story.


▲ Daemyung Engineering / CEO Keongjae Shin

A leader in the field of heating, cooling and heat exchangers

Patented and innovation-product certified VortexWitcher, the Korea’s first turbulence generator

Daemyung Engineering has established a unique technology development and excellent quality product production system in the field of heating and cooling equipment and heat exchangers. In 2015, the company developed the turbulence generator ‘VortexWitcher’ technology for the first time in Korea, obtained a domestic patent as well as a US patent in 2019, and obtained the Public Procurement Service Innovative Product Certification in June 2021.

A VortexWitcher is a heat exchanger designed to exchange heat between two or more fluids. Refrigerators and air conditioners are used to use this heat exchanger, and it is also often used as essential equipment in various industrial sites. The heat transfer efficiency of the heat exchanger determines the amount of energy used. In general, there are various types of turbulence generating devices to improve heat transfer efficiency or to delay fluid flow by changing the shape or material of the heat transfer pin attached to the pipe constituting the heat exchanger. However, these devices have had a number of problems and have not been very effective. VortexWitcher, on the other hand, the shape is simple, convenient to manufacture and construct with pipe connections, does not cause a delay in flow velocity compared to existing technology, and has the effect of preventing deposition due to the effect of turbulence.


Increasing heat transfer efficiency by at least 10% and improving equipment life due to turbulence generation

CEO Keongjae Shin pin-points “The advantage of the VortexWitcher is that it can reduce energy by applying a turbulence generator, and by doing so, it solves environmental problems.” Its turbulence generator is mounted at the inlet of the pipe, which is the core component of the heat exchanger, and causes turbulence in the fluid flowing in the pipe. Thanks to this turbulence, the contact area between the fluid and the wall surface in the tube and the retention pipe of the fluid in the pipe are enlarged, thereby improving the heat transfer efficiency. In this way, it is possible to improve the heat transfer efficiency by more than 10% compared to existing products without turbulence generators, thereby reducing energy consumption and equipment operation level. In addition, due to the occurrence of turbulence, the area in contact with the fluid and the pipe and pins is enlarged through the flow of phosphorus fluid, thereby increasing the heat transfer efficiency.

Since the fluid moves in the pipe while rotating through turbulence, its greatest strength is that it does not easily trap foreign substances in the pipe. The VortexWitcher generates turbulence inside the tube, so these foreign substances are mixed into the working fluid to prevent various compounds from depositing and corroding. As it solves the deposition and corrosion caused by the compounds in the pipes, it increases the efficiency of the equipment, improves the lifespan, and increases the ease of maintenance, resulting in tremendous economic and energy savings.


Detailed analysis of performance by various institutions, it shows 10% efficiency improvement

The VortexWitcher can be simply mounted by inserting or welding it into the pipe inlet. In addition, the blade number, angle, and lead length of the blade can be manufactured by CFD modeling, and then applied to the pipe in the heat exchanger to easily maximize the heat transfer efficiency.

According to CFD tests conducted by various institutions, VortexWitcher has an efficiency improvement effect of sure, and the results of its own comparison test show that the efficiency is improved by about 20% or more. As a result of on-site simulation tests, the heat exchange efficiency was improved by more than 20% when it was applied to the heat exchanger, and by more than 20% when applied to the cooling tower.

Shin says “By using our VortexWitcher, we can save a lot of energy as well as economic benefits. Since the construction cost is not high, the investment can be recovered in a short time, so many companies and sewage treatment plants are showing a lot of interest. VortexWitcher can be applied to all heat exchangers, including cooling tower heat exchangers, air conditioners, refrigeration/refrigeration heat exchangers, vehicle refrigeration/refrigeration units, air heaters and dry heaters, heating appliances, gas/refinery/petrochemical plants, power plants, ships, steel mills, pharmaceutical and food factories, and cleanroom thermostats.” It is currently used by various companies, including Hanmi Pharmaceuticals, and they are very satisfied with the improved thermal efficiency. The VortexWitcher is certified as an innovative product.


Vortex air technology-driven air shower gate Ssak Sweep purifies and sterilizes air at once

Daemyung Engineering also developed the vortex air technology-driven air shower gate Ssak-Sweeper that purifies and sterilizes air at once. Ssak-Sweeper is an air shower gate based on vortex type air technology, which registered a domestic patent in 2021 and obtained the innovative product certification of the Public Procurement Service in July 2022. It is an air shower that removes harmful substances from the body of the visitor by forcefully spraying the air purified by the explosion HEPA filter UV-C sterilization module from the top, left and right sides, and the air curtain formed by the wind sprayed from the air outlet wide before and after the upper part. It is installed with a number of independent suction parts in the left and right slit grooves to prevent the inhalation of degraded harmful substances and to prevent the scattering of collected light so that they do not leak into the room. When there are no visitors, the indoor air is sterilized and purified through the lower inlet. To explain it simply, it is a product that prevents fine dust and various viruses from entering the room, creating a clean and safe indoor environment.

In addition, the air is purified and sterilized by the internal circulation system. Various harmful substances inhaled are strongly sterilized by HEPA filters and UV-C sterilization modules installed inside the left and right housings, and are sprayed in an air shower-curtain type by internal circulation method. Even when there are no visitors, if the operating time and various functions are set, the indoor air is sterilized and purified by switching to air purification mode through an automatic control system.


Applicable to industrial, home, vehicle, and large ship heat exchangers. Global level eco-friendly technology

CEO Shin says “Our turbulence generator VortexWitcher is a technology that can be applied not only to industrial heat exchangers, but also to various heat exchangers such as homes, vehicles, and large ships. This has the effect of increasing the energy efficiency of industrial plants and is in line with the national energy saving policy. This can be seen as a technology that reduces environmental costs by reducing carbon emissions, while also responding to the Green New Deal. Even if you look at the world, you won’t find a product with such an excellent thermal efficiency improvement effect as the VortexWitcher. We plan to focus on marketing in the future and actively challenge overseas markets in the future.”

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