Ops is a 30-year-old bakery with a commitment to healthy food

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Due to the increase in single-person households and changes in dietary habits, bread has become more common for people to eat. In the past, many people considered bread as a snack, but now that bread has become a meal, more and more people are looking for healthy bread. People want bread that does not make you feel bloated even if you eat it every day.

OPS, which started in Busan, is providing the good bread that such people want nationwide through online stores as well as directly managed stores.


Ops supplies delicious bread with the taste of nature with the traditional handmade methods.

Ops is a bakery brand that adheres to traditional hand-made methods and provides healthy and safe food with the pure taste of nature. Ops opened its first store in Namcheon-dong, Busan in 1989 and has now grown to 11 stores in the Gyeongsang region and 4 stores in the metropolitan area. The company has the strength of providing healthy bread through more than 1,000 proven recipes.

In order to make healthy bread, Ops always adheres to the basic principles. The first principle is the supply of fresh raw materials that can capture the pure taste of nature. Cheongsong, North Gyeongsang Province, has long been home to many pine trees and high ground, boasting a large daily temperature and abundant sunshine. There is a 991,735 square meter farm “Jardin ops” operated by the company here. Under the spirit of “there is no better technology than the power of healthy soil”, Jardin ops grows crops without using any chemical fertilizers that are harmful to the human body. In order to create the most suitable environment for farming, the farm strives to grow the good crops by creating healthy soil with microbial fermentation compost farming methods. In the case of ingredients that are difficult to obtain domestically, such as cacao beans and natural vanilla beans, the best production areas are selected and imported from overseas. Ops is contributing to the local community by growing or sourcing fresh raw materials such as strawberries, blueberries, and cherries from all over the country, as well as green apples, and is making efforts to grow almonds and hazelnuts, which are currently imported, to be grown directly on this land and used in products one day.

▲ Ops / CEO Sangyong Kim

In this way, fresh and reliable ingredients delivered directly from the production site are transformed into popular breads and cakes that everyone seeks through OPS’s traditional handmade methods. Ops said, “Even if it takes a long time, we want to approach the healthy happiness of our customers step by step with all our heart.”

In 2020, Ops brought together its scattered factories and built a new factory to maximize production efficiency and increase product freshness. The company’s new factory (located in Gamman-dong, Busan), which is certified by HACCP, produces cookies, baked sweets, rolls & pound cakes, and manju through various manufacturing processes. Here, a variety of products are made every day, including the long-loved Ops’ steady seller ‘Hakwonjeon’ called ‘snacks eating before going to private academy’. Every season, the Ops store offers its own products using seasonal fruits. The ‘Choux cream (cream puff)’ with fresh custard cream fills the mouth and is perceived by Busan travelers as ‘a bakery that you must visit when visiting Busan.’ In this way, Ops’ bread and cakes are sold under strict management through “directly managed stores” nationwide, and the company has renewed its online shopping mall and is now introducing products nationwide through home delivery.


Donating ‘Hakwonjeon’ and ‘Jus de Pomme’

Giving unsparing support for children’s foundations

Ops runs Jardin ops, and restaurants Le Convive and De Marigny. The company joined hands with local farms with which it received the Proud Agricultural Products Enterprise in NH’s agriculture and green finance category. As Ops insists on manual work, it has been steadily creating jobs as the company grows. Ops is also actively carrying out sharing activities. When the store closed business unsold products are donated to orphanages, welfare centers for the physically challenged, missions for the deaf, and shelters for migrants close to each store. As of 2022, the company has donated about 400 million won worth of items, and since 2021, it has donated ‘Hakwonjeon’ and ‘Jus de Pomme’ to children in the Busan area through the Childfund. Last month, the company donated 1,000 cookie sets to children in the Busan area through Good Neighbors and participated in the ‘2023 International Children’s Marathon’ hosted by Save the Children to sponsor products for child participants. The company donated 100 boxes of ‘Jus de Pomme(10 pieces)’ to the people involved in the 2022 Milyang forest fire and has been steadily supporting the welfare events of the Korea Blind Union. This year, the company donated Hakwonjeon to children who are struggling with child abuse through an agreement with the Busan South Police Station. Ops said, “With gratitude to our customers who love Ops, we plan to continue to provide steady support for the happiness of all children in the world.”

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