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We live in a world where we can drive autonomously without having to pay full attention to the steering wheel, identify the fastest route to reach our destination, and control the temperature with a remote control.

It is a convenient society where you can know the weather of the day with a simple command and even grasp the schedule. We are at the center of the AI world. Artificial intelligence is one of the most innovative and rapidly developing areas of modern society. AI technology is transforming the way we live and work, providing innovative solutions across a wide range of industries and sectors. AI professionals are in rapid demand around the world, and many of them are building successful careers in the field.


The need for AI manpower

According to data from the Korea Economic Research Institute, about 22% of domestic companies have introduced or are planning to adopt a recruitment process using AI. AI is not only pursuing convenience, but it has now become an essential for creating future jobs. Thanks to AI technology, job satisfaction is constantly increasing, and promising jobs are being created quite naturally.


Various jobs based on artificial intelligence

From technical quality to social ethics

A ‘data scientist’ is responsible for analyzing large data sets and deriving useful information and insights from them. This role requires proficiency in the data processing, analysis, and modeling skills required to build and train AI systems. A ‘machine learning engineer’ is in charge of developing and implementing AI systems. This role involves algorithm development, data processing, model training, and performance optimization, and requires an understanding of technologies such as software engineering, distributed systems, and cloud computing. ‘Natural language processing experts’ are those who specialize in developing AI systems that understand and interpret human language, and implement natural language processing technologies such as text analysis, document classification, and machine translation.

Professions that can set moral standards for the social impact of AI systems are also not to be left out. ‘AI ethics and policy experts’ are dedicated to protecting personal information so that AI systems can operate fairly and ethically. The ‘AI Product Manager’ is responsible for the development and management of products or services using AI technology, and performs various tasks such as market research, product development strategy establishment, and collaboration with the technical team. ‘AI consultants’ help companies or organizations introduce and implement AI solutions, analyze business requirements, and propose appropriate AI strategies. The development of AI technology and the demand for jobs go hand in hand, creating opportunities to work in various fields. Therefore, jobs related to artificial intelligence are a very attractive option for those who seek innovation and challenge.


Curiosities about the profession of artificial intelligence

Finding answers in the 2023 ICT Innovation Square Expansion Project

In order to work in the artificial intelligence profession, it is essential to acquire knowledge and skills in related fields. It is especially important to have expertise in a variety of fields, from data science to machine learning, natural language processing, and robotics. In addition, continuous learning and the acquisition of updated knowledge are required, and problem-solving skills and creativity are also important factors. In Korea, the Asan Campus of Korea Polytechnics is attracting high attention as it is focusing more on nurturing AI talents in the Chungcheong region through the ICT Innovation Square Expansion Project.

Chungcheongnam-do, where Asan Polytechnics is conducting education, has played a major role in creating jobs for young people by creating a digital complex education space, operating display and semiconductor training courses specialized for the local industrial belt. Last year, it recorded the top performance at the business evaluation of the ICT Innovation Square Expansion Project. 

Korea Polytechnics Asan Campus is currently running various AI courses including the 3rd and 4th courses of control system (smart factory) using data and AI, the 4th course of natural language processing artificial intelligence development for building an intelligent operating system, the 1st course of 3D simulation of manufacturing processes (semiconductor automation) using AI, and Python language acquisition education for blockchain programs. Alongside it is recruiting for the second course of control system (smart factory) using data and AI, and the fourth course of image recognition artificial intelligence development using computer vision technology at the moment. Prospective candidates are encouraged to apply for the courses of interest at the ICT Innovation Square homepage and follow the clicks: AI convergence - AI/blockchain/data/IoT – Chungnam – Korea Polytechnics Asan.

Uisun Choi, Director of the Korea Polytechnics Asan Industry-Academic Cooperation, says “AI is a field that has a great impact on current and future society. Therefore, it is very important not only to acquire overall knowledge and technology about artificial intelligence, but also to understand related AI ethics and policies. The ability to develop and manage AI systems based on fairness, ethical operations, and privacy is required. Jobs related to artificial intelligence are challenging and high-growth fields. We look forward to driving the technological innovation and social change of the future, providing opportunities to revolutionize the way we live and work through our courses. Through the 2023 ICT Innovation Square Expansion Project that we are implementing, we recommend that students who are interested in AI careers actively learn the process and gain experience. We believe that students will be able to become pioneers in technology that will shape the future.”


*This article was produced in collaboration with the Korea Polytechnics Asan Industry-Academic Cooperation.

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