New Gujeong Plaza Pharmacy helps people in need

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New Gujeong Plaza Pharmacy is open 365 days a year and even at dawn, with the commitment to protect the health of Gangneung citizens 24 hours a day alongside helping people in need time to time. Loved and trusted by citizens, it listed name in the 2023 Proud Company and Beloved Consumer Brand Awards in Pharmacy category.


Making a society where everyone is happy

Helping people in need

New Gujeong Plaza Pharmacy is highly regarded by the local community as a pharmacy that does its best to create a happy society. Huh Jin-Seok has served as the head of the Mugunghwa Welfare World Gangneung Area Volunteer Group for 10 years and is the senior vice chairman of the Legal Protection Committee of the Korea Legal Protection and Welfare Corporation under the Ministry of Justice. In addition to community service, he also provides support to prevent children from suffering from domestic abuse and school violence. He says, “Vulnerable people suffering from poverty and disease are still everywhere in our society. Everyone has the right to pursuit happiness. Mugunghwa Welfare World conducts various seminars and campaigns to defend the rights of the socially underprivileged and ensure a happy future.”


▲ New Gujeong Plaza Pharmacy / Pharmacist Park Sung-hwan, Pharmacist Huh Jin-seok

Open 365 days a year and early hours

Building trust from citizens

Opened in 2012, the pharmacy has contributed to the promotion of peace, culture, education, and the environment in the local community through various welfare projects. Since 2015, the pharmacy has been donating nutritional supplements to the elderly living alone in cooperation with the Community Center, donated books to Geojin Elementary School, donated books to Gujeong Elementary School in 2016, delivered donations to low-income families in 2019 and 2021, sponsored families of those who were released from prison in 2022, and donated funds for relief for the Gangneung Forest Fire in 2023. The pharmacy also participated in helping children with heart disease, funerals for the unrelated, traffic safety campaigns, medical services overseas, providing medicine to Africa, and building libraries in Southeast Asian countries. Starting in 2022, the pharmacy also is donating a certain amount of money every month to legal protection recipients.


Huh Jin-seok represents SGI Gangneung in Korea

Conveying hope and love as a Hope Lighthouse Company

Huh Jin-seok is representing SGI Gangneung in Korea. SGI is a Mahayana Buddhist organization that engages in peace, culture, education, and social contribution activities for the underprivileged. SGI Korea inherits the Buddhist law of Nichiren the Great and practices the idea of the dignity of life. The pharmacy, which was designated as a Hope Lighthouse Company under the Ministry of Justice in 2022, opened a pharmacy in 2012 in imitation of the spirit of SGI Korea Chairman Daisaku Ikeda and continues to carry out volunteer activities. Pharmacists Huh Jin-seok and Park Sung-hwan say they will continue their beautiful partnership to create a beautiful world without crime. “We will work hard to create a place where we can all live happily through volunteer activities.”

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