Introducing the lidar-based digital twin integrated control platform: IMP Nation’s first integrated management solution for security and safety

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In the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, represented by “super-connectivity, super-intelligence, and super-convergence”, PSIM (Physical Security Information Management), which encompasses information and communication technology and control, is emerging. In the midst of this, Mpole System, which has developed an integrated control platform with digital twin and lidar technology, is attracting attention.


Digital twin-based integrated control platform

Digital twin is a convergence technology that virtualizes the real world into a 3D model to realize real-time automatic control, simulation analysis, prediction, and optimization. Digital twins can create new future-oriented business models that can overcome the limitations of time, cost, space, and information to solve real-world problems. Mpole System combines digital twin technology with security to provide optimization services without time and space limitations. Mpole System, which has been in the security solution business since 2012, is a leading company in the domestic PSIM industry as a security solution company that provides optimized digital control and platform by applying realistic content, network equipment, wearable devices, XR, smart cities and factories, intelligent CCTV, and sensing technologies. It is 3 years ago that the company loaded digital twin technology in its cutting edge security control platforms. 


Mpole System’s integrated control platform ‘IMP’

The company’s Integrated Managment Platgorm (IMP) provides a surveillance solution that integrates safety and security. Since it was developed based on a digital twin, it is equipped with the same live-action video transmission function on the site. It is used as an integrated security and safety solution (CCTV, access control, fire surveillance, IOT sensor, etc.) platform in power plants, industrial sites, public facilities, and other facilities, and is used as a digital twin integrated control service using a rule-based work flow engine according to SOP (Standard Operation Process). This allows for efficient management-control by integrating into one system. CCTV, fire detection, access control, temperature and humidity control center, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide measurement can be controlled in real time. It also makes it easier to pursue system integration through connectivity between hardware and software, and provides simulated, deployed, improved, problem, preventive-prediction of objects by 3D virtualizing.


Efficient virtual space control

The company’s integrated control platform enables prediction of problems in real-world products or services, and is also used to shorten the development period of new products by utilizing a virtual twin space. It also enables real-time monitoring and control of tasks that are invisible to the naked eye or are highly dangerous. Using digital twin technology, all the information of the building where the IMP is installed is inputted, and not only the fence facilities that prevent the intrusion of outside people, but also the fire fighting and piping and wiring installed inside are input, creating a space identical to the real space in the virtual space. The relevant information is output in real time by the IMP and sends a notification to the control room. Even if you don’t go to the site in person, you can patrol in a virtual space, check safety equipment, and patrol automatically if you set it to the auto function. In virtual reality, the information for generations, temperature, and measuring instruments can be checked in real time, and all the information is updated in real time, so if a problem occurs, you can respond immediately.


Real time control, management and respond

The company aims to provide optimal solutions to a variety of complex real-world problems through data analysis, prediction, and simulation in the urban safety, defense, energy, agriculture, fisheries, and manufacturing industries. The platform can customize various functions to meet the needs of clients. The difficulty of linking different technologies and industries can be solved by using the digital twin integrated control platform. In the case of fire break out, for example, it detects abnormal temperature or sparks and sends alarm.


LiDar-driven defense system

The core of Mpole System’s integrated control platform solution is compatibility, connectivity, and applicability. In particular, LiDar can be used to build space separation monitoring and perimeter protection systems. Using lidar technology, it is possible not only to measure the distance to the object, but also to analyze various information such as the speed, direction, and size of the moving object without error. The company’s 3D lidar system is specialized in ﹦spatial awareness ﹦object recognition and tracking ﹦3D spatial geofencing  ﹦customized technology, and is evaluated as the best solution for security systems due to its very low error rate. The integrated control system platform that can integrate and manage the security and safety of the Mpole System is the first in Korea. The company introduced a security system that uses lidar into the actual field for the first time in Korea, and it is currently used in Korea Western Power, LG Electronics, military bases, government offices, and companies.


Application of AI object detection technology

The platform can also apply AI object detection to provide 24-hour security by linking with CCTV from movement of persons to fire break-out. In addition, dual thermal imaging cameras have been applied to increase the ability to identify objects. Since the temperature point is divided into 6 zones, the temperature event area can be separated by zone, making it suitable for industrial use. “The system detects any abnormal activities and sends the information and rings the alarm at the same time so that the managers can move fast. The lidar detects all areas in 365 degrees and the SOP (STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURE) reports the event not only to the managers but also to 119 or 112.” explains Song Seung-chan, CEO of Mpole System. 


▲ Mpole / CEO Song Seung-chan

Expansion of solution and linking and application

An official of the company says “Our solutions are scalable, compatible, and applicable as they can be applied to a wide range of industries. This is the technical advantage of Mpole System.” IMP can be applied not only to defense systems, but also to CCTV management and access control systems. In addition, the digital twin-based IMP can be applied to FMS or BMS by displaying motion and color to identify all situations within the 3D screen, and also displaying power usage and lighting status. In particular, through digital twin 3D modeling specialized for energy plants and power plants, it provides an optimal solution for complex virtual environment creation, predictive SOP expression, simulation, facility management and control. Song says “Various functions can be linked to manage and control all from one platform. Any accident can be responded to immediately. Platform operation is possible with a minimum number of managers. We aim to become the best digital twin-based control platform company. We are also currently developing a smart factory integrated control platform specialized in production.”

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