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The YouTube channel &You and My Retirement School*, which has 250,000 subscribers, is a channel that provides information to people preparing for retirement. It provides contents for economy, health and psychologic al asset management. Food healing expert Professor Jung Dae-hee appeared and told stories about healthy food and eating habits. The videos, which were introduced in 11 series, received a lot of attention with close to 150,000 views. PowerKorea met Jeong and learned his knowledge


Q. You are very hot on the Youtube channel. A single video containing all of your stories has surpassed 80,000 viewers. How do you feel?

Jung. There are many people with pain as we are getting into an aged society. I think the channel is mostly watched by seniors who are more interested in health than younger age groups. Youtube is a platform that a lot of experts in respective fields provide knowledge as the the platform is easily accessible. And I think this is one of the reasons that the channel attracts a lot of viewers.


Q. Many viewers want definite answers. How do you respond?

Jung. Many leave comments that they want definite answers of the question or the essence of my saying in related to the conditions they are in. I think it is contradiction that the media give a certain answer to a certain question because we don’t have certain information about the questioner’s body and health conditions. Wrong answer could damage the question’s body and health. Every one of us has different trait and constitution. In other words, every one of us should receive different treatment accordingly. Good examples are chronic diseases, diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity. In order to give an appropriate answer, we should know first one’s body status, habit, diet, etc. I must say at this point that there are information circling around on Youtube which I think is wrong. So the viewers must be careful taking the information or advice as it is.


Q. In regard to diabetes treatment, how do you approach?

Jung. I need to find out one’s constitution first. Then I need to know how this person got diabetes. In order to do that, I need to look into the path to the disease. After this, I can bring up with an appropriate solution. It is worrying that the number of diabetes and high blood pressure patients is increasing. Recently, the diseases seem to appear in even children and young people. I personally think it is a good idea to start the treatment by choosing what kind of food we eat. After all, we are what we eat.


Q. Indeed there are many food channels on Youtube. They seem to show off how much they can eat, how hot they eat or such which are really worrying in terms of our health. So what is your advice?

Jung. Indeed they are partly contributing to wrong diet which can lead to diabetes and other diseases. However, it is our own decision what kind food we eat. Food is an essence of our lives and I think it is important to teach children what kind of food is healthy and how they can make it a habit of eating healthy food. It is also advisable that children should learn to care themselves minor symptoms such as cold, upset stomach, bruise, etc. It is regretful that what schools teach most is about school records for good universities and good jobs despite the fact that health probably can be the most important part to take care.


Q. We learned that you are planning to open a diabetes school?

Jung. I’m planning to open the school this summer with focus on training diabetes managers for now. I will also work in cooperation with Jangan University, Korea Sinzisikin Association and Suwon Women’s University. When things get shaped, I will open various classes.


Q. You released a book <Food Doctor’s Food Healing> and are receiving fair reviews. What is your advice?

Jung. I highly advise that you never believe easily the information circling around on the social media. For example, I observe that some diabetes patients take ‘yeoju’ but some people should not eat yeoju because again each person has different trait and constitution. It could rather damage your health. Please seek an advice from the doctor. 


Q. Lastly, if you conclude your argument, what would that be?

Jung. The point of all of my saying is that we should careful what kind of food we eat. As a food doctor, I can give helpful advices on that. Again, I can’t give you the right answer which is nonsense. But I can look into your dietary habit and bring up an appropriate measure. I would like say that it is the process of finding a good answer together rather than one side giving the definite answer to the other. 

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