From Carnival high limousine to Mercedes high limousine JS Limousine leads customizing mobility market

Auto Global, a high-roof car company certified by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Infrastructure “In 2023, we will expand beyond Korea to overseas markets” 지윤석 기자l승인2023.04.11l수정2023.04.11 14:04







From family cars to VVIP cars

The reason JS limousine stands out 

Auto Global introduced JS limousines, and from the 3rd generation to the 4th generation Carnival high limousines, it has demonstrated its exceptional technology as a specialized automobile manufacturer officially certified by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport. JS Limousine is the only limousine company that has passed the seat tensile strength test (seat anchorage test) on the 4th generation Carnival conducted by the Korea Transportation Safety Agency. The fourth-generation Carnival JS limousine is no different from the original car, and on the contrary, it is said that its advantages are more outstanding. 

The company has continuously met the needs of consumers by developing sleeper family seats, sport leisure vehicles and VIP seat V-VIP vehicle packages starting from camping conversion. In the first row, a hand-made bucket extendable limousine seat is installed to ensure driving safety and more comfortable operation, and the second row is equipped with a V-VIP protocol seat so that VIPs do not have any inconvenience when getting on and off. The limousine seat was highly praised for maximizing user convenience by selecting the most suitable seat according to the seating position. The auto-controller, arm rests, touch-panel seats, and special aluminum steel flooring add a touch of luxury. In addition, the existing vibrating massage function has been upgraded to a rolling massage so that you can enjoy comfortable driving while receiving massage with various motions.


Everything a high limousine brand can showcase

The biggest strength of JS limousines is that you can have your own design. In several interviews, CEO Myung-Hoon Chung has emphasized that “starting with customization tailored to customer needs, we will take the lead for 100% customer satisfaction, keep our promises, and above all, put customers first by thoroughly management.” The 330-square-meter JS Limousine Exhibition Hall in Seocho-dong, Seoul, which opened last year, is the industry’s first directly managed store, and you can meet a variety of special limousines, from the entry-level protocol vehicle Prime to the medical vehicle Diamant to the premium medical vehicle Summit. Visitors to the exhibition hall can listen to detailed explanations from purchasing limousines to handovers, and receive detailed quotes in private spaces. 


Before entering overseas markets, we will create new technologies in addition to existing conversion technologies

JS Limousine announced that it will launch a full-scale overseas expansion in the Southeast Asian and Middle East Asian markets in 2023. An official of Auto Global said, “Last month, we met with an official who is in charge of Kia Motors’ Saudi distributor with Ace View, which is partnering with us. We had a positive conversation about the high interest in Ace View’s technology to realize around view in 3D and Carnival High Limousine’s entry into the local market.” Saudi Kia distributors who test-drove the vehicle have ordered two high-end four-seater high limousines, which are expected to fly to Saudi Arabia in mid-May. 

JS Limousine continues to add top-of-the-line conversions to its lineup of Mercedes V-Class, Sprinter and Cadillac Escalade, as well as a four-seater version of the Carnival Special. Last summer, the company was selected as a supplier to the Air Force Logistics Command and formed collaboration with ‘Greenergy’, an LTO battery specialist from Apple Tesla, and is ready to take a leap forward. Auto Global has collaborated with Greenergy, which introduced LTO batteries that compensate for the shortcomings of existing lithium-ion batteries, and has introduced various versions of limousines based on excellent technology and safety. An official from JS Limousine said, “We are currently pursuing joint ventures in Thailand and Vietnam to produce and provide high limousines locally. In addition, we plan to introduce a wide lineup of special vehicles with secondary batteries at home and abroad.” 

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