The 2023 ICT Innovation Square Expansion Project in Chungcheong area stakes its first step to quench a long-awaited thirst!

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While the ICT Innovation Square Expansion Project in Chungcheong Province in 2023 has taken its first step in earnest, Korea Polytechnic Asan Campus (Dean Kim Yong-mok) also started an artificial intelligence programming course last January. This year, Korea Polytechnic Asan divides into the Asan Education Center and the Cheonan Education Center where ICT courses are being conducted, and the existing artificial intelligence and blockchain and data courses are newly established.



ICT stands for Information and Communication Technology. This technology has been applied to all areas of our lives and plays a very important role in the field of education. In fact, it is no exaggeration to say that ICT education is currently one of the most important fields of education both domestically and globally. This is because all the technologies we use in our daily lives are based on ICT. The computers, smartphones, the Internet, games, and social media that we are familiar with have all been created by ICT technology and are still being created. ICT education is essential to make good use of these technologies. Year after year, it is difficult to perform any work without ICT technology in modern society. Therefore, if ICT education equips students with the ability to master and use these skills, they will be highly competitive in the future. 

Through ICT education, students are equipped with the ability to quickly collect and analyze information, as well as the ability to create and manage their own programs. In a much more advanced form than in the 80s, an environment is being created in which people can directly encounter AI programming and system construction, and develop the ability to actively solve problems that may be faced in the future.



ICT education cannot be carried out anywhere just because you want to. First, schools and educational institutions must have educational facilities and equipment to apply the latest technology. Educators should have the knowledge and ability to use the latest ICT and be able to provide skills that students can utilize. This is one of the reasons why we should pay more attention to the role of Korea Polytechnic Asan Campus, the Chungnam Center of the Chungcheong ICT Complex. The application for the 2023 ICT Innovation Square Expansion Project currently in progress is an online application, and you can access the ICT Innovation Square homepage, register as a member, and select AI convergence education - artificial intelligence/blockchain/data/IoT - the Korea Polytechnic (Asan) curriculum - Chungnam. 

ICT education is developing faster than you might think. Today’s generation is already receiving a variety of ICT trainings to create their own programs, learn to code, and utilize VR technology. In the future, ICT education is expected to expand further through artificial intelligence and big data. Students can use ICT to create a new future. For example, the possibility of using AI technology to research ways to prevent or treat diseases in the medical field is emerging. 

▲ Korea Polytechnics Asan / Dean Kim Yong-mok

Choi Ui-sun, Director of Korea Polytechnics Asan Industry-Academic Cooperation, says, “As we take the first step in the ICT Innovation Square Expansion Project in 2023, we want to emphasize that in addition to learning the latest technology, we must also acquire the ability to solve problems using it. For this, it is very important for students to actually use technology, and Asan Polytechnic will do its best to support this. ICT education is a very important field of education that prepares students for the future. This requires a variety of efforts, from improving educational facilities and equipment, to active communication between teachers and students, to expanding the application of new technologies. ICT education is an area that needs to be continuously developed, and we have made efforts to continuously upgrade and develop it. Thank you for your interest and support.”

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