Shinkwang Safety Industry’s visible fire extinguisher gives instant actions Designated as an excellent product by the Ministry of National Defense and registered to the Public Procurement Service

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One day in last February, a fire broke out on a road in Jungnang-gu, Seoul. Since it occurred on the road, the fire could spread fast to vehicles parked around or the trees of the street. Fortunately, a citizen spotted the fire and used a nearby fire extinguisher to quench. 


▲ Shinkwang Safety Industry / CEO Hwang Beong-reol

Korea’s first fire extinguishing equipment storage box

Shinkwang Safety Industry is the first company in Korea to develop a storage box for fire extinguishing equipment. Fire extinguishers should be placed in the most visible location to extinguish the fire at first hand before the fire brigade arrives in the event of a fire. However, due to the inconvenience of taking up space or aesthetic reasons, some people place it in a corner or out of sight. Observing this with keen eye, Shinkwang Safety Industry CEO Hwang Beong-reol introduced a fire extinguishing equipment storage box that looks good and also can be located the right spot. 

The storage box has been designed so that it can be used not only in residential spaces, but also in all indoor and outdoor public places such as offices, workshops, and ships. The box has rounded edges to prevent damage from being bumped into by people or objects, and it is waterproof through rubber pads and rubber parking. It comes in easily recognizable colors and is placed at the most convenient spot for people use it immediately in case of fire. It also can be wall-mounted, banded, free-standing or anchored.  


Safe against shock and weather

Designated as a suitable product for pilot use by the Ministry of National Defense

The box has added UV chemicals to block ultraviolet rays, and is made of high-density polyethylene material so that it is not damaged even by external shocks. The box does not discolor or break even when exposed to a harsh environment for a long time, and it can be used semi-permanently as its original color is maintained. 

The box cover itself is made of a double case, so it is not damaged even with strong impact. In particular, polycarbonate was used for the window, and in case of severe flow, it can be fixed using a Velcro belt inside. What is more? It also has excellent heat retention and moisture-proofing effects. 

Shinkwang Safety Industry provides simple fire hydrants, first aid equipment, fire escape emergency equipment, respirators, and protective equipment storage boxes, which are used in various places such as schools, markets, factories, and offices. Because of this excellent performance, the storage box was designated as an excellent product for trial use by the Ministry of National Defense and registered with the Public Procurement Service. CEO Hwang says, “We will do our best to become a company that protects people’s lives and property.”

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